Songs without love

When I search for proper songs for the “Your song-of-the-day” thread, I find in most cases only songs with love, relationships or couples. (You know: “I love you”, “you love me too, yeah lalala”).

Aren’t there Rock and Pop songs out there without love or relationships? The only song I remember is “Jesus He Knows Me” from Genesis:

So let’s collect some more. :slight_smile:

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Hm… Looks like I have the choice between blood or love. Or big balls… :wink:

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This song is about a native american initiation ritual:

This song is about the dreams of an african boy anticipating the invasion of white colonists:

This song is about Vikings:

This song is about a down on his luck barkeeper:

This is a song about a hearse:

This is a song about getting real drunk and almost drowning:

Topics are endless I could go on indefinitly…


Well allow me to retort…

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There are loads and here is one of the best, about an android who may or may not be paranoid.


Most of Rush discography :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple of favorites: The spirit of radio, Fly by night, 2112 (warning: it’s 20 minutes long) and as instrumentals, YYZ and La villa strangiato (which is about a nightmare the guitarist had, so it suits well with me and my peculiar dreams)

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Although, that’s hip-hop.

Here’s a Rock song that is not about love and stuff:

And this one neither… although no-one knows what it’s about

Talking about “no one knows”…

And because you never can have too much Rock songs about Rock (hey, if TWP can have annoying in-jokes)

Huh! What are the odds!
I was gonna say “the whole catalogue of Radiohead”.
Also most grunge bands, hard rock and metal bands,…

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In the category “misleading titles”:

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Ok, it might be about love a little bit, but c’mon :

I’ll stop now…


Please don’t. :slight_smile:

(But it’s interesting that most of these songs have a “negative vibe”.)

This song is about psyichatrist Willhelm Reich´s Cloudbusting machine. He conducted field tests with what he hoped would be a weather influencing invention together with his son. The song is mostly about how about the experiments brought father and son closer together.

In the music video Donald Sutherland plays Willhelm Reich and Kate Bush plays…his son!

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Queen had some (quite positive) songs: :slight_smile:

Queen - Bicycle Race

Queen - We Are The Champions:


@milanfahrnholz I think we have the same taste in music :wink:

I am a big fan of Peter Hammill. I don’t think he ever wrote a song about love. One of his albums is a lot about a very painful breakup but as usual it’s all about the psychological torture behind it. Here’s a sample:

The song is about how he stares at the statue of St Teresa by Bernini in a Roman church and wonders if her ecstacy is due to divine intervention or to masturbation. Is that a love song?