Any fans of...?

Are you a fan of an artist/game/movie/genre/sport/anything?
You’d like to know who in the forum shares your interest?
Maybe you’d like to know what else people who share your interest do like?

Ask here.

I’ll start.
Any fans of…

:clap: Dave Matthews Band?

Having recenly watched Marc Maron’s hilarious programme Too Real on Netflix, I have such a hard time resisting to quote from that, now. :grimacing:

I will leave that opportunity to @yrface instead! :grin:

I really don’t know what are you talking about.n🤔

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Yeah, out of curiosity I googled for the trascription and jumped to the part in which Dave Matthews is referenced. A lot faster.
Well, it seems this guy doesn’t like that music. :blush:
And he criticizes it with the most obvious arguments usually people use towards it.
It is a very demanding listening. You must concentrate, or you’ll consider it noise and simply get an headache. But it’s quite a superficial analysis. Anyway, I haven’t seen the clip, but he certainly must be a very good comedian, because the transcription alone is not so funny.

Yeah it is more the context and the way he brings it across.

For me personally I sat through a lot of Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp waiting for Neil Young to take the stage on (the livestream of) Farm Aid and both are really not my thing. :man_shrugging:

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Suffice it to say, “No, not a fan.”

Sorry to be a dick @Ema
It’s not so much his music per se, but more the culture of the DMB fans I went to school with.

That might also be where Maron is comming from. I don´t see what is so special or unique about it that people seem to obsess over it so much. But obviously that is only in the states since he´s far less known over here, so it never could have bothered me.

Big fan of Maron. I need to catch up on his podcast… he had Sir Paul on this week. Sounds like he’s making the rounds with his new album.

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Dave M was really funny in the Zohan movie though.

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I’m a big fan of David Fox, I would like to meet him, one day.

Oh, wait… :grin:


Why “a dick”? I don’t think people who dislike what I like is a dick. :blush:

Anyway, I’m not a hardcore fan of the band. Simply I’ve heard a song on the radio some years ago, and then got a couple of CDs which I love. I didn’t know they are so infamous, neither that their fanbase is so infamous too. What is their typical culture which makes them so unpleasant?
And why Milan named you? Maybe you discussed the matter earlier on the forum? I missed it…

We didn´t, we talked about Marc Maron (because we talked about Glow in the Netflix thread), that he shares Maron´s opinion on Dave Matthews was just lucky.

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I thought it was just ‘cause I’m one of the few regular Yanks.

DMB fans reminded me of keg-drinking frat-boys with backwards baseball hats and that sort of thing… i think really anything that just gets too popular and overexposed gets annoying.

Even Nirvana was super annoying when it happened because there were so many Cobain wannabe’s.

Are they really so popular im the US? Here they have a niche fanbase, nobody knows them. And all the people I made them listen to their music didn’t know em. And, well, didn’t like ‘em.
Too much noisy and complicated, they say.

No it was specifically because I just had seen Maron´s special where he went on that extended DMB rant. :slight_smile:

It took me quite a few years to like them for what they are because all the fans I knew were super obnoxious.

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In the 90’s they were. I couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing “Whatta would you say?” and “Satellite” was voted our class song* in 1996.

*I voted for Stairway to Heaven (even though it seems like a really silly thing to have done now)

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I think it´s funny that callers keep requesting an 8 minute tune on the radio and expect it to be played in full, too.

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Wow. I wouldn’t be surprised if @Guga, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken, @gffp and @seguso never heard about the band.

You’re right indeed. :man_shrugging:

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