Your personal Top 5 song's video clips

Among all videoclips ever broadcasted from 1958 :open_mouth: until now, what is your Top 5?
If you want, please include e brief description of the reason of your choice.

Here’s my list (in descending order):

#5 : Virtual Insanity, Jamiroquay, 1996
It’s unique. One camera, fixed shot. Jamiroquay dances in an asettic room where couches and armchairs move by themselves.

#4 : Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes, 2003
The video is hypnotic. It’s a catchy song. In Italy the riff is well-known since July 9th, 2006, when Italy won the soccer FIFA World Cup for the 4th time: fans immediately adopted this song.

#3 : Take on me, A-Ha, 1985
An incredible mix between hand-made drwaings and actors in the flesh.

#2 : Steam, Peter Gabriel, 1992
Extensive use of computer graphic, hilarious and funny. Still one of my best video ever.

#1 : The Writing’s On The Wall, OK GO, 2014
No computer graphic at all, just perfect timing, an incredible living Rube Goldberg machine. Geniouses.


Only five? Okay this is gonna by difficult.

So I start out by mentioning

Once In A Lifetime, You Can Call Me Al and Radio Gaga.

And so much more, but for a brief top 5 I would pick as of now:

#5 Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness

Famous for their striking album covers and spectacular stage shows, Iron Maiden are surprisingly weak when it comes ot the art of the Video Clip. This however stands out because it features the late Graham Chapman in his last TV appearance before this death and an animated Eddie. I like the video for Number Of The Beast too, though.

#4 Tool - Sober

Pick any Tool video and you get some major weirdness. This has some impressive stop motion animation inspired by surreal short films of the Brothers Quay.

#3 Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight Tonight

This Video was inspired by Georges Meliés groundbreaking shortfilm A Trip To The Moon and is as beautiful as the song.

#2 Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

What can I say about this multiple award winning classic? Maybe that everytime I watch it I still discover something new in it.

#1 Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson, Vincent Price, Werewolves and Zombies, Makeup by Oscar winner Rick Backer, directed by John Landis this is probably my single favourite video of all time. I watch it every Halloween.

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I like the stop motion technique in Sledgehammer more:

For all who grew up in the 80s: The Justice - DVNO:

And Judith Holofernes with Analogpunk 2.0 was mentioned somewhere in the forum:

I for myself can’t name 5 videos. :slight_smile: There are too much good ones around. :slight_smile:


Alice in Chains - I Stay Away
This one has a TWP vibe… crazy claymation woman goes to fairground/circus, cast spells on people, etc.

Pharcyde - Drop
Directed by Spike Jonze… the group learned to perform the song backwards then the whole video was reversed to give an odd effect…

Frank Zappa - City of Tiny Lights
The mother of all claymation videos

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Directed by Chris Cunningham… awesome WTF video

Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Fun 70s cop-spoof video

Bonus: more claymation!
Green Jelly - 3 Little Pigs

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Great clips, thanks for sharing!
Do you like Pingu?

I watched it a few times, I’m pretty sure I also had the game on Gameboy, haha

I liked the parodies from Weird Al Yankovic:

I’m fat:

Eat it:

Like a surgeon:


I have never watched many music videos, to the point that I don’t remember many of them nor I had a favorite video clip… UNTIL NOW.

Marvel posted this on YouTube: