Songs without love

“Pants, magic pants ♫”

“♪ Junk, magic junk”

/me is gay for that song and/or Bowie <3

and a song with relationship but with hate:


Still, that one is about a relationship.

Yeah, true. @asterothe’s relationship-hate comment made me think of it.

Man, I can think of dozens off the top of my head:

You guys, I think what he is looking for is a song that applies very much to him personally.

Luckily, there is actually a song like that. A song just for you, @someone! :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m searching for songs without any relationships. No “I’m glad, that she’s dead” or something like that.

I know it’s very difficult. :slight_smile: Welcome are songs about the weather, the strong signals tonight, plumbering or something like that.

btw: This reminds me that the German songwriter Reinhard Mey wrote a song about Plumbers. It’s in German but the video is funny even if you don’t understand anything (video NSFW):

(partly with german lyrics!)

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Here’s a song about living in a big city and feeling like you don’t belong:

and a song about escaping from technology and going outside!


Money for nothing is a song about a bunch of workers making comments about musicians while watching MTV clips at lunch break :stuck_out_tongue:


and the chips for free! :fries:
As my younger self would say.


… and some female people… :wink:

Several German people thought that this song (without love, btw) is about a woman called “Agathe Bauer” (“Bauer” is pronounced like “Bower” and thus like “Power”):

Hm… Maybe I should open another thread where we collect “misheard songs/phrases”. :thinking:


For you 80’s synth lovers…

It’s funny to see Robert Palmer before he became so suave.
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