SpaceVenture game

Anyone else here following the progress of SpaceVenture? (the kickstarted adventure game from the guys who did the Sierra Space Quest games…)

This has been my most awaited adventure game alongside TWP and Broken Age… sci-fi and parody/humour are some of my favourite things in an adventure game, so I’m really hoping it still comes out.

The art they’ve released over the years looks great, so I’m still pretty hyped about it…


I’ve backed the game but I don’t follow the progress (regularly). The published graphics don’t impress me that much and I’m not pretty hyped as you. :slight_smile: But I’m still hoping that they release the game. I’m especially curious about the story.


On facebook they say there is a big news thing coming out with the next update, but don’t know what it’ll be…

I missed out on being a backer as I didn’t find out about it until later (same with TWP)…


I’ve been following it for a year or so. I was really excited at the beginning, and the artwork and videos they put out looked great. But their communication hasn’t been great, and progress is slow. Their timings seem(ed) a bit ambitious. I know they’ve had some personal tragedies which obviously take priority.

I feel a bit like every time they say that it’s not mega big news, but guess we’ll see :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did either of you play the Cluck Y’Egger mini game they released? It’s quite good but very jump scary (basically Five Nights at Freddy’s) - I couldn’t finish it as my nerves got the better of me! Proceeds go to the development of SpaceVenture.

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Pretty much the only game I really like from Sierra is the Space Quest IV. And I’d much rather see an improved version of that. But this new project is surely something I’d might follow.

Yes, as a backer I got it for free.

Same here. I can’t play those kind of games …


Yes, it’s one of my earlier and still non-completed Kickstarter projects I have backed.

It’s taking super long but after decades (after Space Quest) I don’t care about some additional years as long they can afford working on it. And they regularly do updates and although being slow there is progress which is all I care about.

I would have been OK with 2D too, but 3D similar to to earlier Telltale Games (Sam&Max etc.) is definitely fine for me.


I remember receiving a Steam key. Was there ever a non-Steam download?

Yes, but I don’t know on which platform - I have the Humble Store in mind…

/edit: No, they provided direct download links in the e-mail to all backers. (The e-mail dates to 2015-10-29.)

No, never did… I guess it’d be kinda like buying Astro Chicken or Stooge Fighter standalone… I like them in the context of the games, but probably not as an actual game in themselves…

Thanks, there was a Kickstarter message with this date.

Will this particular one be a mini game in SpaceVenture? I don’t remember something like this, it may stay a standalone game. (We will find out when the game gets released… :slight_smile:)

Yes, that was planned. But I don’t know if they keep it in the game.

/edit: AFAIR it was/is optional in the adventure, you don’t have to play it in SpaceVenture.

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I reckon the big news will either be the start of some testing or they’re going to record the voice actors… those are my predictions.

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And you were right: Update #117: Things are moving forward quickly!
This is a great cast. (Ellen McLain, yay!)


Yeah, looks like a fantastic cast… almost seems unnecessarily good!

Glados! That’s exciting!


They mentioned 13th-15th… seems like a lot to do in just 2-3 days?

I can’t remember how long Ron said it took to do the TWP recording, but I seem to remember at least a week…

Yeah… I feel like a lot of their timings are a bit ambitious. But then what do I know.