Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek™: Judgment Rites - hints, opinions

That looks like twice the exact same game except for the title? But yes, I could definitely be thinking of that or something like it.

The last two are from the makers of Win Trek (1993, Win 3.x), not to be confused with the WinTrek I mentioned above.

There does not exist a single good Star Trek game.
There does not exist a single good Star Wars game.
There does not exist a single good Battlestar Galactica game.

At least there exists a nice Indiana Jones adventure.

A Star Wars adventure, at the right time, could have been something. As Star Wars went down the toilet already, you wouldn’t be surprised about bad Star Wars games anymore.

It’s weird because Star Trek (Kirk, Spock, McCoy) has everything you need, in order to make great story, character, puzzle and action driven games.

This is true. It’s a duo, see this link.

Hm, I haven’t played any Battlestar Galactica game at all. Are there any?

Nope, it wasn’t meant to be.
There was this fan attempt which looks nice, but it was put on hold, probably due to legal reasons.

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@Frenzie You can easily play Win Trek for 12min (demo mode) via Internet Archive:

If you want to try WinTrek (which is the one I’ve played ages ago) there is also a way:
The game was later released as freeware including its source code: Joe’s WINTREK.

On SourceForge you can get an updated version which works on current Windows systems (and likely Wine etc.):

(download WinTrekE v2.0)

I’ve managed to beat it with Admiral skill, I remembered it being harder.

These adventures were terrible in a couple of aspects.

Yep, there exist a few but there is no need to play them.

Error 37 sounds like nice title (not for a Star Wars game but nonetheless).

Oh, they also set up a Win 3.1 in their online DOSBox? Nice. :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s nice, it also downloads and starts rather quick.
My Win 3.1 installation needs more than 30 MiB.

It seemed to be some kind of minimized image, possibly even without the program manager?

Yes, Program Manager is not included.
The game itself is 258,315 bytes in size.
The Windows installation is about 5.5 MiB in size.
Download size seems to be about 2.5 MiB.

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If you deselect all the options in the Windows 3 setup you can already make a pretty minimal installation even without special pruning, though I wouldn’t know/recall how small. For my personal Windows 3.11 DOSBox install, I want all the cruft. :slight_smile: