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Strange food you should really give a try






Awwwww! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Kate, they’ve discovered our secret identities! :scream_cat: We need new disguises, pronto!!


Miss Black & Miss White :slight_smile:


Long as it’s not Miss Brown.


What about…

And maybe


Where is the pulley? :thinking:


That mannequin reminds of that one follower from Life Of Brian who has her bangs covering her eyes (the one that says follow the bottle).


Kate should try her best to make a pulley face, I guess.

immediately thinks that “pulley face”, as far as he knows, might even be a common insult, turning so a stupid joke in an unintentional offence


I think you’re safe :wink:


Ooooo, I really like this! :smiley:


Who is she?


It looks a bit like Alice at the Mad Hatter’s teetea party!


It was a reference to Reservoir Dogs :slightly_smiling_face:


(crappy image used as at work)


Good you clarified that. Because I looked up Mrs. Brown and all I could find was this:


And I thought:“Sure, whateffs?”


I thought she was referring to that too, because I remember her saying one time that she didn’t like the show.


Ha! Funny ‘coz I was thinking about Mr Pink and Mr White while writing that.

Also Mrs. White from Clue (cluedo for us mainlanders), but I didn’t want to pin a color to either Kat(i)e.


Back on topic (for how long remains to be seen :slight_smile: )

And they’re even properly called “crisps”!


Oh and I still left some for you, @tasse-tee!


:yum: :two_hearts:


Oh no! Look what I just have found inside Mirabilandia’s amusement park!

For the science sake, I must give it a try.