What is your favourite food?

In several other threads we had a discussion about food. Now I would like to know what is your favorite food? Which three meals would you like to have on a desert island?

/edit: It’s a hypothetical question. :wink: The Island is part of a holiday resort with water and fruits. You are only for three days on the Island.

. spaghetti with tomato and Basil
. Pizza
. Tocio (a sort of stew)

Hypothetically speaking:
Vol-au-vent with Belgian fries
Penne all’arabiatta
Red cabbage, chipolata, potatoes.

Practically speaking:
Water, fruit and vegetables!


Do you like it very spicy or just a bit?

More spicy than in most restaurants. Also with mushrooms and very fine cut bacon.

It’s a hypothetical question. :wink: Assume that you are for three days on the island and each day you can order a meal that you love. :slight_smile:

I don’t need any. You sayed dessert island, right?


Which three islands would you like for dessert?

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I also hope I have some makeshift toiletpaper? Otherwise I go for three days of water only. I’ll live :slight_smile:

You guys get a bit too lost in the metaphor.

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Here’s the menu card:

Or for the more expensive à la carte experience:

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speaking for me I like it hot AF.

That could be an interesting thread for a hypothetical question actually:

On which island from the MI games would you like to live?

Create a new thread! :slight_smile:



I saw his hair and eyes first and thought of Tim Schafer. :slight_smile:


pizza & empanadas (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empanada#Argentina)

I love food. Asking me my favorite is like asking me which daughter I love the most.

But there’s one food without which I can’t live at all. Pizza. I can avoid eating a particular food for months and that’s not a problem, but give me one week without pizza and I’ll go crazy.


In this thread you could name three daugthers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Similar here: I don’t (have to) eat each week a pizza, but I can eat it more regularly than other food. Maybe it’s because you can vary the topping in several different ways.

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