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Strange food you should really give a try


Yes, please! :slight_smile: (I hope there is a doctor nearby…?)


Lucky me.
There are two technicians.

The software runs on Windows XP

They told me that they are investigating a problem.
A software problem.




I’m currently watching all the options!!!


Staying in theme, I had an Italian flavoured burger! (With mozzarella, pesto, ruccola, carpaccio…)


Toppings: Over or Under?

(If you need another proof that there really is only one correct choice!)


I’ll return later. It seems they will be busy for a while.


So you can tell Windows XP to give you a pizza for free? :slight_smile:


It looks like a Pizzatron3000 TM, so they’ll need 2 VAX47 tubes


It always feels strange to me when I see a screen like this with a Windows error message, because for some reason I never imagine that there is a Windows computer inside. (Or some other familiar operating system.)

Most recently, I saw an advertising screen at a train station that had turned black, with text in red/green/blue all the way across the screen. The text was going vertically as well, because the screen had been installed sideways to display ads in portrait mode. I stopped to look at it, even though I probably looked a bit weird doing so :grin:


Not more than usual… :wink:


Or bank cash withdrawal machines that bleep when you insert your card in exactly the same way as Windows when plugging in a USB device.
Not too comforting…
c’mon, give me the money before the BSOD :sweat:


I took a picture of the options from the technicians back, but the font size is too small, it’s not readable.
There were cooking time, price for extra topping, secret place free coupons…


There should be a fault protection system, but I anyways hope not to stumble into a fault problem while withdrawing!!


I returned back to the pizza vending machine, and there still are the two technicians. There’s a problem with the touch screen. :neutral_face:


The screen says : “choose your pizza”
The user selects the pizza (e.g. Margherita), then the display says: “insert money to pay. Due: 0 Euro”.
Immediately after this message, the machine thinks it completed its job and returns to the main screen :joy::joy::joy:


The question is: how did it end up with this bug, when it usually works just fine? Perhaps somebody chose an unusual combination of options, going forwards and backwards between the steps…

Hmm, maybe I should try applying my game-breaking abilities to vending machines! :grinning:



Before I read onwards, I thought: @tasse-tee surely passed by here. Another glitch uncovered! :slight_smile:

I think it is broken enough as it is now. These kids and Zak are hungry!



Have you ever been here?