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Strange food you should really give a try


Today we were hiking, and we stumbled in this:

Some steps on there was a tiny booth in which they sold honey flavoured ice cream, made with the honey of their bees.

I didn’t like it very much. My wife did.


nice bee-warning sign :slight_smile:


I can imagine the huney attracting those bees while you’re eating the icecream.

I know it’s spelled honey, I like Winnie the Pooh


I’d prefer actual honey too, but if hiking I guess the ice cream isn’t a bad choice compared to carrying a pound of honey plus the weight of its container.

I could use that. This year we have bees nesting in front of our kitchen window (I think they are under the window sill) and outside our sleeping room (in the roller shutter box). They are friendly and mind their own business (so far), but I doubt they’ll pay for the privilege.


Why do I only notice now that the jar on the right seems to make kissy lips? :flushed:


Come on, my friend. You can do better.
Look closely… tilt your head like you’re looking at a vintage emoji…


No need for that, the lips are there for everyone. Plain to see. And there is a little bit of tongue coming through also…


And she looks like she’s winking :laughing:


Oh yeah I can see that, too!




But why “Limited Edition”? :thinking:


It was on a shelf that said seasonal.




Give me a drop box adress for the hotel in Mauritius and you will get as many broken and sticky white crunchy sticks as you want. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now this is what I call subtle!


I´m not even sure WHAT exactly you are reading into that…:dizzy_face:


Once you know the hotel, you can ship yourself into a big box full of twixes and Milan. I thought it was quite obvious


What @Ema wrote! :wink:


SHE gave a “like” to my post. You must do that, mate.


I’m enjoying the image of Milan leaping out of a big box of broken Twixes :smile: A bit like Marilyn Monroe jumping out of the cake.