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Strange food you should really give a try


:arrow_forward: Insert Donald Trump joke here :arrow_backward:


This is really all you got for breakfast this morning?


:thinking: shouldn’t his hands be huge, to make the biscuits appear tiny?


But if the hands were tiny, that would mean the biscuits were also tiny, right? Because they are smaller than the hands.


You know what they say…big hands…big biscuits.


Or in this case: a biscuit for every hand


Lucky there was milk, coffee, tea, bread, butter, jam, honey…


Hands off my biscuit!




BIg normal portion sizes are British/American small. :wink:


Looks like a nice breakfast for vacation time to me, were it not for those potato-thingies. With the exception of mash and bavarian potato salad, I could do well without that miserable vegetable.


I would assume that it is some sort of decoration…


Are there pancakes, a muffin and a yoghurt as well? :face_with_monocle:


Do they have some meat in it?


Gotta have some sweet stuff for second course. At least I would need that …


Er… huh? Not last time I checked?

Indeed. Though I think I’d have the pancakes first (with some of the bacon), followed by the fry-up, followed by the yoghurt.


Then it’s definitely decoration.


This opens a lot of questions I’d like to ask about brekfast. As any Italian guy, I know a lot about lunch and dinner, but I’m lacking in breakfast knowledge. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some questions.


Same here (as a German guy)!


I can’t believe someone can eat that all for breakfast! :slight_smile: