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Strange food you should really give a try


Woohooo. Time traveling. The signals must be very strong tonight!


Probably. Anyway, I wasn’t nudging to anything… I was just pulling your legs, beacuse after the innuendos, when we start poking, you always play it innocent… :slight_smile:
Anyway, after this stupid avatar change, I can’t find the balloon jpg anymore… I’ll be condamned to have my buttocks exposed forever! :smile:


Oh yeaaaaahhhh? Now why would we/I do that, huh?

I think I need to pull out my little cop again:

:policeman: Nothing to see here, folks!


If time traveling is that simple you can buuurrrrp call me Rick Sanchez!


Except my bare buttocks, you mean :hushed:



Who is this funny guy?


Monty Python:


Terence Graham Parry Jones!


:smirk: :zipper_mouth_face:


So that’s what you look like, Ema! :blush:

It’s probably for the best that you changed it back to the balloon. Otherwise I’d be getting constantly distracted by that golden hair of yours :two_hearts:
(which I bet the others didn’t notice, cos they were too focused on something else :smirk: )


You mean… uhm… my… arrow?:flushed:


Cherubs have no arrows!


I noticed that yesterday.
Luckily everything’s back to normal today.
I mean, it’s so confusing to me when people change their avatars every few days/weeks/months (sorry @TaarakVakil)


You mean rasta hat :jamaica:?


Oooohhh yoooouuu…

I didn´t really like how it fit with the rest of the forums backround colour.


I missed it :sob:


It was a pic of some blond beach dude


Oh :grin:


I actually wanted to change it for a whole day for your b-day, but wasn´t sure if that was worth it, because you probably don´t log in too much on that day. :shushing_face:

It was the “lowlevel photo”