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Strange food you should really give a try


I probably would. Unless you mean changing it throughout the day?

Oh, so Sushi was pulling my pulley.


I probably would try to have it the whole day. I also have a scary Halloween Avatar that I will maybe even use on Twitter for the october season.

Yep, I certainly didn´t use Sean Penn from Fast Times At Ridgemont High as an Avatar. But I mean…I could…


Not on purpose.
It really was a picture of someone with fair hair and a bright background. I only looked closer to conclude it looked nothing like the Milan I have seen before and dismissed it.
If the police would ask me to describe that avatar for an investigation, I’d give them the same description…

No idea what the “lowlevel photo” is. @LowLevel?


I based the shot on his avatar for shits n giggles. And then never used it as an avatar. I posted that way back in november and no one noticed it, even though that was the first ever glimpse of “real me”.


No, I remember it. And I noticed you were mimicking LowLevel’s avatar and that it was your first appearance in face. I remember I thought you looked like Fabrizio De André in that pic.


New Avatar!
Sorry @Sushi I had to do this!


I thought it was an actor until a couple of months later :smile: I think I assumed it was another meme to take the piss out of @LowLevel.


Funniest thing about that pic is that it is a selfie made with the phone. I really should specialise in selfies that don´t look like selfies.

I really hate photos of people who stand in their bathroom phone in hand looking at the display with the flash obscuring most of the picture.


Another avatar… sorry I wanted to look younger…


Man, you are only 16 and wanna look younger? :smile:


Yeah… I just like the old days… in the past few months there has been a rapid change in my life… I am still trying to adapt to it…


You are living one of the most complicated years of your life, it’s the adolescence, there are changements, but even joys and love.
I wish you to live these green years with so much joy.


Eheheh… once I was disappointed since in my job-related pics I looked too young :slight_smile:


Thanks Zak :grinning::sneezing_face:


Would have been nice if I could have called those years green. For me there were more brown than anything.


I’m sorry to read that, I wish you more joyful days from now on.


Isn’t the point there that they’re naked or something?


Doesn’t seems so:


Ohhhhhh baaaaaaby!