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Strange food you should really give a try


Sorry, sir. Profanity isn’t allowed here.



Obviously you´re not a golfer.


I’d say I didn’t think The Big Lebowski was anything particularly special, even though I like some Coen brothers films a lot, and it’s easily been a a decade and a half since I saw it so I barely remember that movie, but… sure, I guess?


All I´m saying is you don´t seem to have seen it nearly as much as the average person* has.

*not being literal here


Green Tea Kitkat. Better than the original too (less sweet)


I´ve grown really fond of white kit kats as of late, but I guess I´d give this one a try to, just for the heck of it.


Where is this available?




Not strange, but given the number of people here who like this, I thought I’d just wet their appetite

I didn’t buy any by the way, because I don’t like white chocolate


Me neither. At least 85 % for me please. ;D


That has since decreased…:pensive:


Yeah, but I guess we’ll never see a Twix Black, because of the outrage that would cause :frowning:.


Do so many people dislike dark chocolate? :thinking: I can sorta relate to that!

If there should be a racism problem just put Sam Jackson on it saying something like “I´m a bad Mothertwixer” and everyone will love it!


Do people feed their kids shit like this in Europe? I’m guessing no.


At least not in such magnitude. For some reason this sugary stuff seems to be super popular in USA.


You guess right. I know Chocula from the simpson. Never seen the others.


No. You can’t even buy that stuff here.
The cereals here are made of actual rice/wheat and have some honey/sugar/chocolate added in worst case.
Or oatmeal.

Don’t kids in the US wonder why Dracula is missing his fangs? Or why some of the other characters barely have any teeth left? I’m also guessing no. :smile:


I don´t think any General Mills products make it over here. But we got an abundace of Kellog´s and Nestlé products here.


I doubt that’s any different for the products pictured, unless you mean they might have HFCS instead of sugar (or just even more sugar).

Btw, I couldn’t help but notice this mummy’s a bit overweight:

(But anyway, note how it says “frosted cereal”, i.e., cereal coated in sugar.)