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Strange food you should really give a try


Yay! Scored another one!






What about these, which have just recently appeared on UK shelves? :grinning:


Somebody at work brought in one of each the other day. Verdict: brussel sprouts is the best :yum:


Can you please stop posting crisps? I get hungry! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bring them over, please! :star_struck:


But first send them to me!


Fine by me I can wait!


Sounds like bubblegum flavoured crisps- but then the inverse, to punish kids.


Funnily enough that´s what Root Beer tastes like to me.


Oooooooo :hushed:


Good ooooo or bad ooooo?


Curious oooooooooo.


I´m guessing at least curiooooooous!


And I was right! :joy:


Curiosity killed the cat.
Or made it throw up, at least.




Take this, you vaporous voodoo vermin!


There’s root beer and root beer. I don’t think I’ve ever had ginger-flavored gum though!

Edit: pardon, root beer is sassafras. I was confused with ginger ale for a second.


I think you mean Sarsaparilla


Heh, Sam Elliott is in that movie? I forgot all about that.