Stranger Things, strange similarities

Yes, me too. :slight_smile:

I don’t know…, he reminded me more of @David. Must be the mustache and the hair.

I’d love to see them all cosplay TWP.


Unofficial name of an Indiana Jones & Star Wars crossover in which Indy unearthes the Sandcrawler.

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You should photoshop the words ‘awho’ onto the first photo, and im sure you can figure out what words to put on the second XD

Finished watching season 2!
If season 3 will be placed in 1985, there probably be a season 4 and 5, placed in 1986 and 1987… and then… bwahahaha!!

Latest word is that a season 3 is very likely with maybe a season 4 after that and then end it.

I guess they could go on up to 1989, but I guess they don´t want the kids grow too old.

True. I watched season 2 and the kids look noticably older already… especially 11.

Anybody check out the free Stranger Things ios game? I was hoping for more of an adventure game than a basic NES throwback, but the music is cool.

My phone hasn´t enough space for games, that´s why I don´t have TwP for it either. :frowning:

But I´ve seen the game and it looks a lot like Star Tropics or similar NES games. It looks a bit too combat heavy to feel like the show. That style of gameplay would be okay for shows where characters fight a lot like The Walking Dead, Ash vs Evil Dead or The Strain. But there is really not too much fighting in Strangers Things so it would feel better as a point´n´click adventure.

However a Stranger Things RPG would be kind of fun with the kids going around as their DnD group.

I did (for android). It’s in the style… well, you know…

It’s easy to play, but funny. Of course it follows the steps of the original series, with a few variations.

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Yeah, meeting Joyce Byers was pretty funny. Mostly just seems like timing your runs and punching guards though, but they do pretty much follow the story.

Me too. I watched it way faster than I thought I would.
I see no need for a season 3 (as a continuation of the same story and characters). But I must admit season 2 was better than I expected, different from season 1 but as good as it.

Rumors says that there will be Season 3 and 4, set 2 or 3 years later, according to the natural growth of the main characters.

Anyone remember a short lived early 90s show called Eerie, Indiana? It was, I believe, produced by Joe Dante and very much in the vein of Stranger Things and Thimbleweed Park. You might like it…It it´s as good as I remember, that is…

I have very fond memories of watching it with my sister. But I can’t remember a thing about the show itself.

For some reason hardly anyone talks about it, which either means it´s really underrated or wasn´t really that good.

I do! No one else I mention that to knows what I’m on about, heheh. I remember loving it but then again can’t remember much of the detail! In my head the boy in it is similar to the kids in Stranger Things.

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I recall it more over the top kind of funny. Like “oh there is Big Foot digging in our garbage and no one seems to take notice”. But yeah the kid or kids were very much like the kids in Stranger Things.

Yeah, typical early 90s.

Now I’m thinking about Round the Twist :grin:

Wait a minute. What?!