Stranger Things, strange similarities

Maybe, there’s some resemblance around his eyes, but don’t you think that…

… is …



Stranger Things has an Arcade with a Pacman Neon sign (chasing the three ghosts). I´m just gonna assume for now than those were common, but there was more stuff…

They both look like brothers!

I have just finished to watch all the eight Season 1 episodes, I didn’t noticed it.
Is that in season 2?

Yes. As well as a couple of more things that reminded me of Thimbleweed Park.

Hahaha, uncanny. I think the expression helps - they both look a bit confused.

I must get on to Season 2…

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I liked Season 2. In many parts it was better than season 1, some were not so good. I especially liked that new red head girl, she was good. I´m pretty sure I´ll be mostly alone in that, though. I feel weird…

Intriguing. I’m looking forward to watching it.

Why do you feel weird? Because other people didn’t like it and you did? Or just in general?

Just in general, it´s just a hunch. I haven´t read too many opinions so far.

Anyway, let´s play the six degrees of seperation game.

  1. @RonGilbert was an extra in Howard The Duck
  2. The bad guy in Howard The Duck was played by Jeffrey Jones
  3. Jeffrey Jones was Winona Ryder´s dad in Beetlejuice
  4. Winona Ryder is of course in Stranger Things
  5. Stranger Things staring David Harbour as Sheriff Hopper! :slight_smile:

Anyone can get less?

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I don’t think so! :smile:

Idem. Starting from tonight!

That is a really old and horrible picture of me. I want to scrub the Internet of those old an fat photos.

Oh, I don’t think so. You are a beautiful person, inside and outside, forever young!

Anyway, while I was watching Stranger Things, I imagined you in place of the Sheriff.
Even the italian dubber of Jim Hopper has a voice tone similar to yours, as heard in your podcasts.
It has been funny, really :slight_smile:

I was about to say the same though, if I was him I wouldn´t like seeing all those old pre-weight loss photos all the time.

This one on the other hand, though:


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Where does it come from?
It looks like printed from a dot-matrix printer, like the MPS-803

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I started yesterday. Only watched the first episode. It looks very good so far.
It will take me at least a couple of weeks to finish it. Please avoid spoiling it here!

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Speaking about some resemblance around the eyes:


When I saw this pop up on twitter, I thought this post was from Ron at first, just from the photo.

Java’s crypt …


The unofficial name of Indiana Jones and his desktop adventures? :laughing:

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