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Twin Peaks references


I started watching the original Twin Peaks series again (it’s on Netflix), and I forgot how good it is! I’m getting a lot more out of it the 2nd time around and seeing the new series helps explain certain things. But what’s really amazing is all of the Thimbleweed Park similarities I’m seeing!

I thought I would list some here, and see if anyone has more to add:

  • The opening credits has the “Twin Peaks, Population. 51,201” sign
  • The theme song is played on baritone-guitar (just like the TWP theme)
  • The R&R diner is reminiscent of the S&D Diner (especially from the outside)
  • The light outside the roadhouse (when Jacques Renault is in trouble). This one really blew my mind:


And even though they found Laura Palmer in the water, the place where it happened is by the railroad tracks.

And replace pillows with logs and you got yours small town industry.

The owls are not what they seem = The signals are strong tonight.

I believe I watched the entire 2 first seasons thrice and it gets really weird when Nadine gains her superpowers that have no impact on anything and are just a subplot that goes nowhere.


I did a double-take on your post, as it reminded me a LOT of the post I made a while back, for the same reason, and with an almost identical photo:

The interesting thing is, I had a hard time finding an online photo of that lamp to use, so I needed to play the episode in Netflix on my computer, pause it, and take a screen grab. Did you do the same?


Yes! I took a picture of my TV this morning. I’m about 6 episodes in now. My wife had no idea why I was so excited about seeing a lamp!


This cigarette flick from “Episode 8” (first episode of Season 2) made me laugh, and reminded me of Agent Ray’s opening animation.


Oh, look there! She is even wearing blue, and the hair is also close!


Don’t forget the resemblance around the eyes…


I´m sure it is somewhere under the sunglasses.


It really does look like more than a coincidence!
:ray: What-ever nerds…

It sounds like Ricki Lee is based on someone but I can’t decide who. Not quite Lucy… I’ll have to keep watching tonight.


Well, Norma is a lot nicer than Sandy is.


Right, and Big Ed and Sherriff Truman are a lot nicer than anybody in Thimbleweed Park. But I guess that would make the game boring if everyone were as nice as Ricki.


I finished season 1 last night…



I just found out about this! :open_mouth:


Nice, looks like Lucy will be there!

I wonder if they’ll be giving away more Log Lady Lager…


I think it mentioned David Lynch coffee!


Mmm… Damn fine coffee.

Honestly, Agent Cooper’s coffee reactions were some of the best moments in the show for me.



I’m late to the party and I don’t know if it has been mentioned yet: Twin Peaks and Thimbleweed Park share the same initials