Stuck in reaching the crystal

Hi there. Having trouble talking to Xavier. There in probably a bug in dialogues. Cannot get to insult him, so I am stuck. Thank you! I am playing it on iPad 10

Hello! At which part are you? I think there is other stuff to do and Xavier shouldn’t block any of it. Insulting him happens very late in the game.

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If you check Franklin’s TODO list, what is there for him to do at the moment? Do you see a task that mentions standing up to Xavier? If not, you might be trying that too early.

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Thanks mate. Here is my currently to-do list. Wanna check? It actually says that I need to speak to Delores,but Xavier himself tells me that the only way to get there is though the crystal. So, here we go again. The game does actually provide me the option to confront him the first time, but if I choose that line the character tells another one instead, and I am not understanding whether it’s planned or if there’s something wrong with this iPad version. I remember it from playing the extend version years ago on my laptop. Thanks again!

I have the chance to insult him the very first time I talk to him on the terrace, but if I choose the line I highlighted in the attached screenshot, Franklin says the next one instead, and then if I try again that line disappears and I have to reload the scene in order to give it another shot. Thanks for helping mate

Oh you have played it before? Then we don’t need to be too careful with spoilers.

At this point in time Xavier is too scared of him and chickens out (instead of standing up to him he will end the conversation with :franklin:: “Sorry to… you know… bother you, Xavier.”).

The line will reappear later though, so don’t worry!
Specifically in Part 9.
Just ignore this for now and keep on playing.

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Yep, the task to confront Xavier is not on your TODO list yet. As Nor_Treblig mentioned, just continue playing as another character for now. Don’t worry, you’re not in a bugged state.

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Thanks mate, I appreciate it!