"Talk To" with right click not working correctly since new patch

Hello there, since the new patch came out which enables the playable characters to talk to each other, I’ve noticed something odd.

When I right click on certain characters, rather than Talk To the game thinks I’ve selected Look At. Examples of this I’ve found thus far include the Hotel Manager-a-boo, Clara, Vergil, Sandy Chuck (in Delores’ flashback) and Xavier. I always get the response “Looks fine to me.”

When highlighting these characters with my cursor, Talk To is highlighted even though Look At is the one the game picks. Also, nothing happens at all when I right click on playable characters. Manually selecting Talk To and then clicking on the character always works.

I had a feeling this was deliberate in the case of the playable characters, but I swear this wasn’t present with the hotel NPCs the first time I played. I will update this post if I encounter any further instances of this issue.

EDIT: Added Sandy to the list.
EDIT 2: Added Xavier to the list.
EDIT 3: Added Chuck to the list.

Yep, that will be fixed in the next patch.

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