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Stuck in Sewer Hint


I have looked at other hints regarding this puzzle. I am playing on hard mode. I am very disappointed in myself for resorting to THE INTERNET! Yet I still can’t solve the puzzle!

I have looked in the phonebook for the name written in graffiti, but I can’t find it!
Either I can’t read the name correctly or it simply is not in the phonebook.
I have tried similar matches to this, but the name, as I read it, is not in the phone book.

I will attach a screen shot

Cannot read name

Can you read the name?This text will be blurred


Yes, this font can be hard to read sometimes!
And you aren’t really looking for hints, you just can’t read the text, no shame in that :slight_smile:

His name is: Alvaro Tello Arriola
Phone number: 8167


I wondered how it would look like with increased character spacing: