Stuck in the sewer, Cant find the name

So I’m in the sewer with agent Reyes, its my second playthrough so I’m playing on hard to spice things up, the name I’m supposed to call is “Harry Ellard” but I cant for the life of me find him in the phone book, am I reading the name wrong??! What do you think this name really is?! (Image in the comments)

There is a Harry Ellard. He is actually on the first page of letter ‘H’ (OK, it’s the second page in terms of books).
His phone number is 1007.

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I’m stuck at on a another name I can’t find, I think I see “Per Terje Aune” but I don’t know…

That’s the correct name. The phone number is 8819.

Don’t forget that there are multiple pages for every letter, e.g. click on those arrows:

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Funny to see people struggling with the phone book - both its archaic concept of flipping pages for younger people as well as its unique alphabet for older people.

And kudos to @Nor_Treblig for helping everyone out!


Ahem… what am I not getting here…
I mean: how old must you be for not knowing latin alphabet from A to Z? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW Bravo @Nor_Treblig!

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I was referring to alphabetical by first name, but yeah… 3000 years give or take.

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Well sure, I “struggled” with that too… for about 2 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: