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Can't read name in sewer

Can anyone help read this name I thought it was Aundi Bella but there is nothing like that in the phone book (I know the phone book sorts by first name)?

Is anyone able to read it?

EDIT: ok I realized it is actually Andi Bella I thought it was only the names in black so I was scanning over the gray names but the text is sooo hard to read.


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Looks like Andi Bella.

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After the introduction of HintTron 3000™ this seems to be the only puzzle left people can get stuck on. Maybe we should change the HintTron to help with this puzzle…


You mean like how you can call 112 without credit?

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Touché - why not call 911 ? (112 would not be time-period appropriate)

Or have the in-game character to look at it in their dialogue font… “look at hard-to-read message” -> “it says I should call Andi Bella”
That posses some other issues though: what if you do not have subtitles turned on? No way they’re going to record all these lines.

A font change or the hintline also imply a patch, which probably has a lower chance of reaching stuck players for a game that’s released for such a long time now.

I am afraid we’ll have to man this station to help them out. Really meta if you think about the randomness of involving backers in this puzzle in-game.


That would have been awesome :laughing:

You could make 'em read it in a computer-(pre-)generated voice. Something like:

According to the Yellow Tubes information directory, this says AN. DIE. BEL. LA.

(Any mispronunciation like DIE instead of DEE would only enhance it.)

Or more boring but easier to manage:

A. N. D. I. etc.

I still wonder why this happens all the time.
Maybe it´s because I grew up with this, but I had not a single time problems to read that name. Not when I played the game myself and not when somebody posted his problem over here. I look at it and read it. It´s just like I don´t get what´s the problem with that. :thinking:


I wonder, too. Maybe we should ask people’s age in the future, before answering these kinds of questions. Strictly for statistical purposes, of course! :slight_smile:

Which would likely lead to posts along the line of “I can’t understand the voice in sewer”. :smile:


“Have you ever held a phonebook?”


The font IS hard to read and it doesn’t spell simple English words but names, often foreign ones. (This plus lookup issues like first names before last name or not realising you have multiple pages per letter.)

Glancing at the example in this thread I can perfectly understand someone’s reading it as “Aundi”. The letters are quite squeezed together it looks like cursive!


It means “where” in Sardinian.

Quite fitting.


I really wonder what you wrote in the middle of the night… and then withdrew after waking up.

I managed to capture it before it was gone.


Nothing important. I started writing something but accidentally hit send mid-sentence. I’ve withdrawn it right away.

I was just starting to comment on the patch, like so:

That’s fine. I want to be TWP the best game out there, but not necessarily for other players, it’s OK when I (selfishly) can have the fully patched version!

All the others can play the original, unpatched and unsafe version with all its tube-overflow and strong-signal-injection bugs.

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There are just too many mistakes in the first few sentences alone to make it somewhat believable!

non-Telltale games

I would never write this. It’s either
“non-telltale games”
or “non-Telltale Games games”!!11

I recently played [some Steam[/console]-only game]

Only 3 sentences in and everyone just barely knowing me immediately knows it’s fake!



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