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Suggestions for free fireplace videos


I know that this is an odd question, but I need some help. :slight_smile: For a project I need the video of a fireplace. Like this:

The video should run in the background on a TV (just for a nice ambience). The video has the advantage that we don’t need to make a real fire :slight_smile: .

On YouTube there are uncountable fireplace videos. Has anyone ever used one of these? And does someone coincidentally know if there is a fireplace video that is free to use (maybe licensed under a Creative Commons License)? Until now I’ve just found copyrighted videos.

(btw: No, I can’t use a video of the TWP fireplace :wink: )


Just in case it’s an option you haven’t considered - there used to be a channel on Sky that showed the same on a loop. When the coals burnt right down it would start from the beginning again (as we discovered one Christmas when curiousity got the better of us :smile:). But I don’t know if it still exists or if you have an equivalent channel.


Sadly no. (Beside that I doubt that we can use these videos :wink: ).

But on the last Christmas (… I gave you my heart … :ear::snake:) the German TV channel Tele5 showed a fireplace for … hm … one or two hours.


Super RTL?


Copyrighted material.

btw: Are they still showing the fireplace? And didn’t they have a fish tank? :thinking:


Don´t know about that fish tank. The only current end of broadcast loop I know of at the moment is Bernd das Brot.


What happened to the “Sexy Sportclips” on Sport1?


Do you need the crackling fire sound or not?


The video would be enough, but it should run/loop for 2 hours.


I got too old for them, so they don´t see any need to show them anymore.


It looks like this one is free to use:


Sure? I haven’t found any license information…

Does it need to be wood?



Yes. (And real wood, not Ed Wood.)


How about “not real Ed Wood”?


No. Not not real not-real Ed Wood-wood. In the wood. Or something like this.


So just how much Ed Wood would suffice?


Six. But only if they have a crackling sound and will burn for 2 hours…


Exactly. If in doubt, I suggest you to ask the author.


Okay so here is real Ed Wood


Not real Ed Wood


And something woody…



Mhhh seems I´ve run out of wood. Maybe I´ll have some more next morning…