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Suggestions for free fireplace videos


You’ll also need a way to chop the wood.


The one I´ll be having next morning? :flushed: :grimacing:


We should open a new thread for wood-jokes. :wink:


I know a way! But I don’t want to spoil @seguso’s game…


Mr. Fahrn holz you can never run out of wood!



I feel like you just pointed out that my glasses are on my nose.


Mr Fahren Holz :grinning:


Aaah, so he can definitely run out of money, instead!

Anyway this laminated timber cover is awesome.


Seconded. If I drove a car, that would be my choice now. I´d also burn it before I start driving.
Way cooler than just painting on flames on the sides.


I’d prefer flames being something like this:


Wait, is this real? :heart_eyes:


Want! :heart_eyes:



Is that an erection joke?


By the way, I looked for such videos quite some time ago because we wanted to show one for Christmas because we don’t have a fireplace but we have a nice TV. But since it was just for private showing, I didn’t care at all about rights, so I can’t be helpful.


:smirk: if you have to ask…


My pack of biscuits says “Reawaken what’s important during breakfast!”, and I always think that what’s important is already well awake even before I wake up, let alone breakfast time.

And now I’ll stop being Ransome-y.


Might as well be a fortune cookie!


:notes: 200 degrees, that’s why they call him Mister Fahren-Holz,
Traveling at the speed of light…


For the records: I think I’ll use this one:

It hasn’t a perfect quality, but should work for my purpose. :slight_smile: (And it is licensed under a Creative Commons license.)