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Suggestions for free fireplace videos


How about a 12-year video of this ride? :wink:


And if you got all of the in-game visitors to queue for the ride at the same time, and started measuring the time from when the last person joins the back of the queue…



Can there even be visitors not on the ride? It goes from the park entrance straight to the ride. :smiley:

Edit: no, you’re right of course, they can queue in the little line that it takes to go up to the actual ride since everything’s on poles.


Then again, if the ride itself takes up all of the game’s memory already, there would be no room for a path to direct the visitors to the start of the ride. And that might be necessary to make them queue for it.

Edit: I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, this video has fried my brain! :joy:


Here’s a yule log! :smiley: