Switch EU Top 10 Downloads for September - TWP #9

Okay, Paul…

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Wer ist eigentlich Paul?


Sounds like a salami.

Great, thanks! How could I miss that article?

Somewhere Ron wrote in an advertise for TWP “What is a thimbleweed?”. So I would assume that the second reason is right.

But the word itself and the spelling is hard to remember - similar to Threepwood or McKraken. Or was it MacKracken? Or McKracken? If you can’t remember the title of the game it is often hard to find on the internet (and/or Steam). I know what I’m talking about. :wink:

“Quest” isn’t a German word. :slight_smile: It translates to: “Paranormale Detektivsuche.”

Random thought: I would have really liked Mark or Octavi putting a lot of thimbleweeds in the cemetery field. It would have given a different meaning to the name “Thimbleweed Park”.

But weird words are often more memorable.

On a sidenote, if TWP was a hardcore murder sim, I might’ve been all like, “Oh shit! THIMBLEWEED PARK must be an anagram for BLEED WITH 'EM PARK!”

But it isn’t and I wasn’t.


I can’t understand all this difficulty.
It’s even simpler than playing Cuphead.


I believe there is a third reason - a subtle connection to the town name “Twin Peaks”.

For this “Thimbleweed” is not weird enough. :slight_smile:

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That´s why my name isn´t Hans Schmidt.

Yes, you can even see how they played with that in the brainstorming paper, some of them were even closer to Twin Peaks.

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I’m happy to hear that! You guys did a great job releasing on Switch ~6 months after launch while there were less than 150 games. The timing was probably coincidence for the most part, but I can’t imagine it having the same impact releasing on Wii U.

I don’t see TWP listed in the JP eShop. I’m guessing this is because Japanese is not a supported language.

When I told people about Thimbleweed, they thought I was talking about Tumbleseed, another game released around the same time on Switch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Zac Mac Cracker is unforgettable as a title.

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@ZakPhoenixMcKracken Now we also need a cookie monster GIF!

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Uhm, a square one…

Just motiontrack the noseglasses over the googly eyes somehow…

Also while searching this I found something I will probably non-stop laugh at for the whole weekend.

The Newton Monster!


Looks like a project for the whole weekend. :wink:

Sure, but I´m busy…

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