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Switch version does not save settings


Oh shame, was looking forward to replaying on the PS4 :frowning:


What he really means is Chuck became too powerful in all other versions of the game and keeps deleting the uncensored material :wink:


When is the settings file actually read? You mentioned it is written when the Options dialog is closed. I’m guessing it’s only read on startup, once? Perhaps that’s something unique about this file vs save files, is the time it’s read, and what might be happening on the device at that same instant in time.

I’m pretty sure there is a way to delete “Saved Game Data” for a specific game on the Switch, as per:

Of course, it seems like this would remove Game saves, as well as Config data, but if @MikeLamb as willing to lose his all game saves as an experiment [likely not, but maybe], it might be worth trying this to see if this clears the problem up for his profile.


Actually, you guys are right (@RonGilbert as well)…so, deleting the software did nothing, still the same issue. However, deleting ALL save data and using my account again, it was saving the settings correctly again…

Now, I haven’t played it significantly again yet, just left it in the prologue sequence, but this did fix the issue by completely deleting the saves.

It’ll be interesting to see if it somehow runs into the same issue again with continued play, but this did seem to work! So…I wonder what’s causing this, just a corrupt save? I’m unsure, but, very, very weird and (if it works) worth sacrificing that progress for.


The save game files and the prefs file are not related (other then they are saved in the same folder). A corrupt save game would not prevent the prefs from being saved any more than it would prevent a new save game from being saved. If the OS gave the prefs file a strange (read-only) flag for some reasons, deleting your save data would have also deleted the prefs file, and when it was created a second time, it was read-write. That’s a wild guess, but it fits the facts. If that’s what’s happening, it a mystery why? The file is very clearly created as a read-write file. This is why I suspect something the OS. It might not be a read-write issue, it might be a more complex user permissions issue, which makes it hard to just blindly put in checks.

Did you do anything odd when you bought and installed the game? If we can repro it, we can fix it.


Yeah it sounds like an issue that shouldn’t exist for any reason…so the OS makes sense. Nah, nothing out of the ordinary at all, bought it and started installing. The one thing I may have done was I started playing another game while it was installing, but the game I was playing a lot at the time had online functionality which automatically pauses whatever download is happening on the Switch at the time. I remember minimising and seeing it had stopped, so I killed Rocket League to let Thimbleweed finish downloading. I don’t know if anything in that download-interrupt should’ve interfered with permissions or anything…but yeah, completely deleting the game didn’t work until I deleted it and cleared all cached data and saves. It’s a weird one.


Was the game you were playing on the same user as TWP was downloading?


I doubt this is directly related, but did you install the game to the system memory, or to a micro-SD card? And did you switch the install at any point from one to the other? It might be a factor in replicating the issue, but that does seem a bit unlikely. From what I understand, save games (and therefore this preferences file as well), would all be stored in system memory either way.