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Telltale in Trouble


macOS could have evolved a lot better throughout the years. At some point Apple started to care too much about geegaw and focused on iOS but there isn’t a better alternative around (yet). I kind of like Mojave, I generally like deserts and the stars.


IIrc, the KIXX Amiga version is the only one without the codewheel query, but with the difficulty screen intact. That script is huge and probably intentionally hard to read. Looks like they went to the trouble to reverse engineer that script, not only to get rid of the query, but painstakingly clean it with a lot of NOPs in place were the original script was.
I’m surprised they didn’t use the same script for the PC version.
I used that version for my Ultimate Talkie patch, but without the NOPs. Luckily, they did voice those few easy exclusive lines in the SE, eventhough it has no difficulty screen either.

Back in the day, I noticed the same for MI1 and for Indy 4, too. The “default” query was different for PC and Amiga, though.


Telltale Games is shutting down:

Some games are got already delisted on Steam.
It seems like GOG still has all the games on it.


I just had a little flash of brilliance to describe Telltale’s (allegedly) fix-track narrative games where your choices don’t really matter AND to describe the company’s recent demise…

…in a Zak-style headline…



Now Gog too is removing TT games:
(Warning! This can also been seen as an ultimate sales trick from GOG. My advice is if you were waiting out to get any of these games, you might as well pass on them now)

The Walking Dead series removal

We’d like to inform you that The Walking Dead game series will be delisted from our catalog, effective immediately, due to publisher request. The process may take some time.

Everyone who owns or buys the games prior to delisting will still be able to access them through their GOG Library.

Right now we have no information on the future of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, but we will keep you up to date if we receive any news.



Regarding specifically The Walking Dead series there is no need to worry:

(they will come back to stores [hopefully to GOG too!], and it will be completed by Skybound as stated before)

It’s likely that previous seasons of the game may be unavailable to purchase for a few days as we transition—but don’t panic!—we’ll have everything back online ASAP.


I was way to late to notice that my old purchases from TTG all have installers that rely on the TTG servers for activation!
I tried to log in, but it seems either it’s not working or my password is not what I thought it was. I tried a ‘forgot password’, but got no reply.

Is there anyone who has bought what I have bought in the past and could pass me the installers?

I bought …

Total Cost: $23.48
The stuff in your order includes:
Hector: Badge of Carnage - Season Upgrade
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Collector’s DVD
Back to the Future: Collector’s Pack [DVD]
Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Retail DVD

Total Cost: $2.50
The stuff in your order includes:
Hector: Episode 1 - We Negotiate with Terrorists

Total Cost: $2.50
The stuff in your order includes:
Poker Night at the Inventory

Total Cost: $0.00
The stuff in your order includes:
Back to the Future Episode 1 of 5

Total Cost: $24.95
The stuff in your order includes:
Back to the Future
Puzzle Agent

Total Cost: $9.95
The stuff in your order includes:
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Total Cost: $69.85
The stuff in your order includes:
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse
Tales of Monkey Island Voodoo Card Set
Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition

Total Cost: $34.95
The stuff in your order includes:
Tales of Monkey Island

Hey hey, lovely person…
Here’s your free gift!
Thank you for participating in Telltale’s customer survey. Here is the gift code that you can use to get your FREE downloadable game!

Total Cost: $20.47
The stuff in your order includes:
Strong Bad Season Upgrade
Bone Download Bundle

Total Cost: $26.00
The stuff in your order includes:
Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures
Sam & Max 201: Ice Station Santa
Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3

Total Cost: $48.27
The stuff in your order includes:
Sam & Max Season Two Collector’s DVD
Sam & Max Season Two Case File
Sam & Max Surfin’ the Highway (Paperback)

The stuff in your order includes:
Sam & Max Season Two

Product SKU Product Name Qty Ordered Qty Shipped Total Qty Shipped Amount

samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1 4.42USD
samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1 10.52USD

Product Name Qty Ordered Backorder Quantity Amount

Sam & Max Season One Case File 1 1 4.99USD
Sam & Max Season One Bonus Disc 1 1 0.00USD

And I think there is still stuff missing in this list. I got all S&M, all Bone, all Poker games, Strong Bad, Wallace & Gromit, Monkey Island, BTTF, all Hectors and 1 or 2 Puzzle Agents. I quit buying when they started releasing QT games (I think Jurassic Park was the first).

Anyone out there just as nuts to have bought* everything?
*) some games were freebies :slight_smile:


Dude, from the look of it, you bought a lot of physical DVDs, which would not need any online activation to play, a comic book which doesn’t even require a computer to read and a game that never was released by Telltale to begin with (Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition)

What is nuts is that you bought all of that (multiple times even) and then let it rot for years…


Try to login using another browser, i.e. not Chrome.

Edit: Alternatively you can go to and confirm the certificate before logging on.


You’re screwed:

a) When you’re on a Mac because there never have been DRM free versions on their store.
b) When you own the DVDs but can’t find them or have no DVD drive anymore.
c) When you’re on a Mac and want to rebuy DRM free versions because they aren’t all available.
d) When you experience technical difficulties, TTG has never fixed.

Possible solution:

a) Ask people for the appropriate files or DVD images (and mount them).
b) Get the cracked versions.
c) As a Mac user, you could try to run the Windows-versions (I know it’s disgusting).
d) Rebuy all the games (maybe this time DRM free).
e) Watch YouTube-playthroughs.
f) Make yourself comfortable, meet some friends and make a trip down the memory lane.

For the future:

a) You could try not to buy games/apps from the people being involved into this again.
b) You could try not to buy DRM based games again.

Talking with your money is the most powerful and easiest weapon you have as a consumer.


Hey hey, we are talking about the older TTG games: Those are actual games and are meant to be played!



That’s right but you could stop/rewind/replay the playthrough every time before it shows the solution and puzzle yourself through a game this way (which then enables the ugh video detective achievement).


This is the whole problem with DRM. Now it puts him in the position where he has to break copyright law just to play his games, or abide by copyright law (which is pretty much impossible actually as confirmed by the 2016 PC report that found the average Aussie breaks copyright law an average of 80 times a day) and not be able to play them.

The problem is we have obsolete copyright laws cemented in by international trade agreements, and the rightsholders and publishers have far too much power to pressure governments for their own greedy agendas. And on top of that with digital purchases now you have no real rights of ownership any more - you can’t sell or give away the game second hand, even if it’s no longer available for sale, and because there’s no meaningful competition between publication it now means the consumer’s rights are being eroded and ignored. It’s a real pity. It doesn’t help developers OR consumers.


And I don’t see any hint anything getting better. Just look at the shit they have made with those new data encryption laws. What’s wrong with people making laws?


Are you guys sure that the game DVD’s don’t contain DRM? It’s been a while since I last used DVD’s to be honest (no DVD in ultrabook). And then there are a few games that I don’t have on DVD (Puzzle Agent, Hector, Bone, Poker).

As for the comment that I have bought same games twice - no. Well, maybe one or two, but those were freebies. What I did buy was upgrades from downloaded Season to DVD, so you see season-purchases and DVD purchases for the same titles.

Here’s my stash :smiley:

TTG’s bankruptcy wasn’t my fault for sure! :grin:


Looks similar to mine!

So it’s your fault (and mine) after all!

I’m not sure about the DVDs but the digital downloads a) still work and b) were replaced with DRM-free ones.


I think Telltale physical media include SecuROM DRM, or at least Sam & Max did, meaning they won’t run on Windows 10. If you mean some kind of online activation, that might depend on the software in question. Aren’t you in the best position to find out? I only bought them on GOG. :wink:


Not mine. I’ve been throwing at least € 20 in their direction every year since 2015, which is when they came to GOG.

(This year Batman: The Enemy Within and Guardians of the Galaxy.)

Edit: also I just noticed exaggerated. In 2015 I bought at least three Telltale titles, but they were all very cheap so not in excess of € 10 total. :slight_smile:


My purchases since 2013:

  • 2015-06 for 18,16€: The Walking Dead: 400 Days, The Walking Dead: Season 1, The Walking Dead: Season 2, The Wolf Among Us (first time I bought them, I thought I give them a try)
  • 2015-10 for 12.36€: Hector: Badge of Carnage, Puzzle Agent, Puzzle Agent 2, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (already owned them for a long time)
  • 2016-09 for 6.79€: Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series (first time)

Hm, you said you liked Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, since there won’t be any sales anymore I wonder if I should get it at full price or not at all…


Here’s my stash :smiley:

Looks similar to mine!

We should talk…!

I’m not sure about the DVDs but the digital downloads a) still work and b) were replaced with DRM-free ones.

I tried to log in, but I forgot my password (or: it isn’t the password I usually used back in the day … maybe for the better?) and the ‘forgot password’ option doesn’t work anymore (it seems): I didn’t get any email to reset my password. So no, no digital downloads for me. Hence: we should talk … (assuming you downloaded the DRM-free installers).