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Telltale in Trouble




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It definitely had its moments, but it wasn’t The Wolf Among Us or anything. It’s very hard to recommend for over € 20 when you could get Dreamfall Chapters for the same price and Oxenfree for € 5 (!), both of which are easily twice as good in my book.

(Or Shadow Tactics for € 15, Mark of the Ninja for € 10, etc.)

Edit: at the same time, I paid € 11.50 for Guardians and it’s not like I feel I wasted my money. :wink:


@Nor_Treblig Oh, and not unimportant — I’m not sure why I only thought of it now — but there was a game breaking bug somewhere in the third episode. You could get around it by playing that part windowed or something. And yeah, they never fixed it.


Too bad its future is so uncertain.

Strange bug.


As far as I remember they had some lame Disc-In-Drive-DRM on the DVDs (create an image or get a No-Disc-In-Drive-patch).

This depends on if you’ve bought their interactive content as well. I did not, so I’m part of the reason, why they went out of business with their unimaginative stuff.


While some of their DVD titles use SecuROM, they usually don’t require online activation. There was one exception, though, where they put the download version on the disc, which resulted in a shitstorm on their forums.

What do you mean by that? They sold video games, thus interactive content it is.


Which was extremely nice from TTG, considering, that the DVDs (if they were ordered) went out to people, who owned the season pass already, you better trust your customers.

The obvious, their interactive movie like games, if that makes you feel better. In the future, I expect to be alarmed about spelling errors.


I just installed Back To The Future from the DVD and it runs without issues
(Also Tales of MI did, but I installed that years ago)

Oh man, with everything turned up to highest detail and so on… it succeeds in feeling like the movie and as if I am a kid again. I caught myself selecting the canon quotes in dialogue automatically, and also not to create a paradox in the time-space continuum.
(not too keen on the constant hints in the first scene - I hope that’ll disappear once the “tutorial part” is over.) Yes, I know how to play these kind of games AND I am familiar with the whole BTTF universe, thank you very much TellTale games)


Can’t remember this in BTTF. But I know in Sam&Max you could adjust hints in settings.


Yes, you can adjust the hint level. I turned it all the way off (to the left- I assume that is off :grin: ) and still it is there, constantly reminding me of what I should do now. It’s weird.
Or perhaps it’s a bug where it got mixed with one of the graphics settings that I turned all the way up.

It’s a bit like TWP in that regard: no tutorial for the options. :slight_smile: