Thanks to Thimbleweed on the Nintendo Switch

… I was able to show the game around on a BBQ and had two friends intrigued. :slight_smile:

Thanks to @RonGilbert for his great work. The story of Dolores really touched me… as it is a little bit my own.

Ron’s games inspired me to become what I am today: A video game designer. :slight_smile:


adventure games?

Murder Simulators?


adventure games?

Oh, I wish! Maybe someday… when Terrible Toy Box plans to make a new tite I will apply.

Murder Simulators?


I did several puzzle and advertising games before. Currently working for a sci-fi survival, build your own spaceship, enter bases and shoot aliens game. Available on Steam.

The gamedesign philophy of LucasArt inspired me a lot to think about what makes a good game and how to entertain people. This and playing D&D as a DM for years.

You like TWP plus a Metallica. You are golden in my book! :slight_smile:

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