That Monkey Island book, finally in English! (Kickstarter)

I was waiting for an English edition of this book!

And it even comes with a new cover drawn by Steve Purcell! :star_struck:

Wait… considering that it has been written before RtMI… should I buy it? Would you buy it? :thinking:

EDIT: doesn’t matter… I bought it.


@ephialtes : yes, I realized that you already posted about it after I created this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

The publisher confirmed on Kickstarter that the book will be updated with RtMI content. :person_raising_hand::joy:

Q: What is covered in the content? All Monkey Islands, or just some?

Fob you have interviews with Ron Gilbert & Dave Grossman for example?

A: All Monkey Islands! (including The Return, which was not the case in the original French book. But there’s so much enthusiasm here, our author will write some new pages for this English version :wink: )

Yes, the author managed to interview several key members, including Ron Gilbert (you can watch the video from the campaign, the author/narrator talk a bit about it!)


I also read that after creating the thread and after backing the kickstarter. :stuck_out_tongue:

A rare example of blind instant buy for me!

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