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The 2019 what we are playing thread


You mean here right?

If so, yeah I can understand you. The game loses some momentum, but once you find the right path there are some of my favorite locations to discover!


That’s the spot. I wandered around the island a bit but quickly lost interest. Maybe if there was an easy puzzle to solve right away it would have created more motivation.


Yes, it wasn’t easy for me too, even when I replayed the game for the second time some years ago. I confess: I used a walkthrough both times :grin:.

Since I’m here, I’m taking this post to also tell I recently played the second episode of Midnight Scenes by Octavi Navarro and it was really good.


That’s great news I didn’t know the second one was out. I really enjoyed the first one with the highway


Aviary Attorney said that I finished path C: fraternity, and that I should basically replay the whole game to make different choices at one key point.

This is either a pun I’m missing or one for @PiecesOfKate

The game also has some surprisingly big design flaws. I pressed on a statement but I didn’t have the evidence to back it up. It’s not uninteresting to be able to go into trial with different pieces of evidence at your disposal, but instead of being able to abide like in Phoenix Wright, you just… have to keep presenting until you lose.

I don’t feel like I wasted my time, mind you.

(I drafted this about three weeks ago and apparently forgot to post it.)

I don’t recall any particular hangups when I played it with my wife in… 2012ish.


I’m (re)playing Miles Edgeworth Investigation 2, with the English patch, that patches everything in english – text in graphics, too.
10/10 for the translation work.

Further information:


Yeah, that one was great.


OMG YES! I absolutely MUST play MEI2. I mean, I knew there was a fan translation but admittedly I’ve been too lazy to look up what I actually needed to do to play it. I’m glad there’s a handy thread that explains all that. :slight_smile:
As for what I’m playing this year, so far my husband and I have been deep in Dynasty Warriors 9 ever since they added local co-op some months back. Same fun as previous games, but my enthusiasm’s wearing down now that we’ve played through all the missions at least twice.


I’m playing the waiting game. I might check out Devil May Cry 5 today. I’ll also have two new Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLCs waiting for me.


Talking about playing the waiting game… Too lazy to google it… is there a way to disable steam doing a client update almost every single time I want to “quickly” start up a game?
Really, how bad can a launcher be if it needs updating almost every day?


Steam is weird and doesn’t respond to a Window shutdown by shutting itself down cleanly. If you exit it before shutting down Windows, Steam normally shouldn’t “update” (integrity check) on startup.

(As to why it doesn’t just exit properly when you shutdown Windows… who knows.)

Here’s the .crash file it didn’t delete when I rebooted from Windows into Linux earlier. I started Windows at 17:40, which is when Steam created this .crash file that it only deletes if you exit the program manually. (I rebooted into Linux a little after 18:00.)

If I delete this file now, while in Linux, Steam won’t “update” when starting.

It occurs to me that one could add the simplest of simple shutdown scripts, doing nothing but calling steam -shutdown (or slightly more satisfying, deleting that .crash file).


I tried DMC5 for about 40 minutes. So far it seems a bit clunky and retro in the worst way (e.g., no customization of the control scheme). It also does that retro thing where you’ve got over half an hour of a (very impressive looking) real-time animated movie for 5-10 minutes of gameplay. The difference is that it’s not prerendered, but it’s still a part of ye olde DMC that I thought DmC left behind.

Also I hear that the DRM causes some 20 % performance difference.

To make matters worse, when I pressed the menu button to pause one of the myriad cutscenes, that *beeping* skipped it.

So definitely disappointing for the first hour. Now I expect it to improve once the game actually starts…


Funny. My definition of retro is that thing where you’ve got over half an hour of a (very impressive looking but also very) static loading screen for 5-10 minutes of gameplay.
(Then you die, because you suck at the game or because the game sucks all by itself.)

Ouch! That IS sad!


In context I mean 1 to 2 decades old retro DMC, as opposed to the only truly modern-era installment (DmC). :wink:

So far this game feels like DMC5… if it had come out around 2010. Sure, it’s in the name, but we’ve had better games since, most obviously Bayonetta and DmC (and in some interesting ways, Remember Me).

I seem to be the minority in thinking DmC is the best game in the series, even if the character redesign wasn’t great and the story took itself too seriously.

So far:

  • DMC4: bosses
  • Bayonetta: controls, combat, level design
  • DmC: combat, boss fights
    (Which is not the same thing as bosses. The bosses can be lame even if the boss fights are neat.)
  • DMC5: video quality

PS Bayonetta also has cutscenes that go on forever. It’s not a panacea. But at least it had a pretty kick-ass graveyard opener.


I bought GRIS this weekend, and that one is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Some of the platforming is fairly challenging (for me at least), but the artwork makes more than up for sweaty hands.

A bit tricky to get it running with wine, due to its reliance on the Media Foundation Platform for video playback, but well worth the hassle.


Finished GRIS today. Short, but intense. I even thought of taking some late-game screenshots:

Now I’m ready for Trüberbrook …


A. Million. Times. THIS! :point_up: