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The 2019 what we are playing thread


Ah okay, so they bundled it to that.

May they refer to the cards?


True, there’s been a pretty big card shortage these past few years with the mining craze.

So, on to Remember Me. We’re entering the end game.

This doesn’t bode well… I bet I’ll have to fight at least one of those.

(Side note, I only just found again where to toggle the FPS display in the Steam overlay. >_>)

Now I think the fighting system is fantastic, but it has some imperfections that DmC does not. The biggest issue is that, unless I’m somehow just failing to do it properly, you can’t do combos with different enemies. You can continue stringing together combos on one enemy while evading others, but if you accidentally go for another enemy instead your combo string ends. And that’s easy to do.

Edit: nope, no fighting those particular big guys.

So I finished the game. I thought it was an excellent action game, somewhat akin to the likes of Oni and DmC. I can also see where the comparison to Tomb Raider (2013) came from. If you play Tomb Raider 2013 wrong — that is, while ignoring the actual tomb raiding in the so-called optional challenge tombs —, the might display certain similarities. Then you could say that Remember Me has better fights, while Tomb Raider has better platforming and (sometimes) the potential to sneak by enemies.

One of Remember Me’s biggest issues may well be its inability to skip cutscenes. Should I want to replay the game, I’d have to sit through them all again? Who came up with that? This has been implemented very well all over the place since long before 2013. You shouldn’t be able to accidentally skip just through one slip of the finger, nor should you not be able to skip. Very simple.

The camera is not always ideal, but when the flying Nephilim and Seraphim show up (DmC homage?) it can start to turn against you. Instead of the DmC elegance of fighting grounded and airborne enemies alike, you’re pretty much forced to mainly just stay alive until you can disable the flying annoyances. As I already said above, there’s a minor imperfection in the intuitive combo system, but the camera is (occasionally) the fighting system’s only blight.

Somewhere around the middle there was the apparently requisite action set piece. You’re being shot at by a guy in a helicopter, forcing you to do some running and time pressured platforming, which was oddly similar to ship set piece in Tomb Raider. But in this game it felt a bit tacked on, out of tune with the rest of the game or the story. I hypothesize that it was the publisher’s idea.

I’d say if you liked Oni, you should check out this game. If you want to see the really cool (new?) memory remixing mechanic in action, get it. Unfortunately it only happens 4 or 5 times. If you’re looking at it for the story, it’s a pretty good one. But if you’re in it for the platforming or puzzle solving, let this one slide. It only has a few cute little puzzles, not counting the memory remixing.


trying to get into Graveyard Keeper, but I am bored after while…


Continued (or rather, started over) Pillars of Eternity II, now that it has gained a turn-based combat mode. Waiting really paid off in this case. Less bugs, improved UI and way more relaxing to play. Guess I might not be reading that many books in February.


I tried a little RE2. I’m clearly terrible at it. Looks great though.


Just finished the second scenario. Even the lowest difficulity is quite a challenge (luckily nothing else is altered, the enemies take only a few less bullets and you get a very little aim assist). Don´t know if it really improves the fun to have a hulking invincible enemy that stalks you through the whole place but aside from that it´s good fun and looks fantastic! :+1:


I’m currently playing… nothing :frowning:
Does it count?


Is it good?


Don’t know, but I think I’ll play it :smiley:


btw: Don’t worry - I haven’t the time to play a game too. :frowning:


A bit off topic since I haven’t actually played any games this week, but Resident Evil 2 just downloaded a 194.2 MB update and I can’t seem to find a changelog feature in Steam?

The update itself includes a link to news, but that just has silly “news” stories saying I’m in the 21 %.

The headline stat: 79 percent of players chose Leon S Kennedy for their first playthrough, while the other 21 percent opted for Claire Redfield. In Claire’s defence, she is listed second on the menu when you start the game.


Can´t imagine it being something important. The free dlc modes won´t come out until the 15th of this month.


Sure, but I still like knowing it! :smiley:

GOG gives me the rundown on unimportant stuff like this:

(Besides which, there might be someone out there who was waiting for cloud saves.)


Zak… unimportant?


Wouldn’t it be nice if the changelog said:
“Mamma mia, the a-MAZE-ing update is here! Miami has finally been repaired! Explore 3 new areas, interact with 2 new NCP’s, solve multiple new puzzle chains and… find your way through the city MAZE!”


Zak worked fine and Zak still works fine. Nothing much to see there. You should be pleased I chose Zak. :wink:

Cloud sync was already possible by putting your saves in something like Dropbox, on multiple operating systems without GOG Galaxy. (This is how I played it on two computers in both Linux and Windows.)


Oooo, I remember that episode!


I think it was about Tubbs infiltrating a worn down building held hostage by drug addicted violent teens. Featuered a young Ving Rhames if I´m not mistaken.

:sunglasses: :palm_tree::speedboat:


I played the actual tomb from The Nightmare DLC for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, having gone through the actual nightmare sequence a few weeks ago.

It was okay. It was fun to see pop-up spikes make a return to the series and the auditory aspect of it was good.

The first DLC (The Forge) was by far the best so far, that’s for sure.

In other news, Aviary Attorney is starting strong:

Unfortunately you need mouse clicks for everything, quite unlike Ace Attorney on the DS.


Yes, I’ve played Aviary Attorney, just for fun, but never finished chapter one, and I think I won’t finish it.
On the contrary, I have played all Ace Attorney games twice (at least!), and with pleasure!


I thought the take on pressing is kind of cool (but I haven’t tried losing yet). I can’t decide whether I want to install Steam on my laptop (because this forced mouse use is uncomfortable) or not though, because I can’t really enjoy the music on my laptop speakers…

The game is a little too joke-y at times (e.g., your “Face Book”), but I did smile at this one:


I stopped playing curse of Monkey Island shortly after I completed the sword fighting Challenge and landed on the second Island. I felt like the game lost all momentum at that point. the First Act was fine and I enjoyed the background art and the voice of Scrooge McDuck. But the sword fighting seems repetitive and now the puzzles seem tedious, and the story hasn’t developed any interesting twists. Can anyone else relate to this experience?