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The (adventure) games on sale thread


That one looks very good and has good reviews too. I think I´ve read it´s name somewhere here before but I didn´t look for it.


We discussed Unforseen Incidents here in the forum. Have a look in the “in development” thread.


If you need another copy of Thimbleweed Park, or if you haven’t already purchased 10 copies, then you can take advantage of this amazing offer: Thimbleweed Park on sale 50% off on Gog!


Virginia, Last Day of June, The Guest and The Silver Case:


You couldn´t even buy a beer for the price they offer The Cat Lady at the moment:


Did anyone here play Tales?

It is actually on my wishlist, It’s DRM free, but Windows-only. Might still buy for €3 …


I’ve bought it but not played (yet) … I know, that doesn’t help you, :wink: but back then I found it worth to buy it. :slight_smile:

#89 has a huge “back to school” sale with several adventure games, for example Cuchel:



I did that before…didn´t I?




Oh great, now I´m having mixed emotions about the irony of your reply! :woozy_face:


Which song is your favorite? This?



Am I the only one who thought of this? Probably.

(reference at 1.04)


You can buy Oxenfree for $1, Shadow Tactics for $15 over on Humble Bundle. Two of the best games of the past five years in my book.


Oxenfree seems pretty creepy. Though the bundle also has AER and Torment: Tides of Numenera, which I liked quite a lot.


It’s mildly creepy. Much less so than Stories Untold or something I’d say.


“Last Day of June” is an adventure too (but comes only as a Steam key).


Gog has several adventures in the current weekly sale:


There is also a new release (for GOG) which looks rather interesting and is heavily discounted, The Count Lucanor: