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The (adventure) games on sale thread


I just think it may influence what you perceive it as, but I can´t be sure of course.

I still think the RPG elements in Zelda are super soft, which is one of the reasons I could get so early into those games while I found serious RPGs much less accessible (I do enjoy them now but they also consume a lot more time than any classic Zelda game does).


If you’re referring to anything Zelda-specific, not a clue. But otherwise, exactly as meta as I intended it. :wink:


Which I guess is none. :grin:


On the contrary, a red herring is inherently meta, on this forum even more than in general.


The Legend of Kyrandia series is on sale this weekend:


Already picked it up in the last one. :slight_smile:


Me too. Unfortunately I’m currently so busy, while I own a whole bunch of adventure games on GOG I never played. :frowning: However, my “to play” list is long. And, thanks to new releases, it might be going to grow on.


Same here. Can’t we all quit our jobs and earn somehow money with just playing all those games…? :thinking:


Nope. All of the professional gamers are branching out into sketches and stuff. :wink:


Lake Ridden, Syberia series and several other adventure games:


On the one hand I enjoyed the Moto Racer demo back in '97… on the other hand how interesting could it possibly be even for €1?


Runaway series this weekend:


Several Daedalic games (including Edna & Harvey and Deponia) are currently on a sale on Steam.


And Firewatch is on sale on GOG:


They’re at it again, the Lucasarts/Lucasfilm games are on sale (not a super high cut on the normal prices though):


Escape from monkey Island on sale on gog. It’s time I give this game a go.


but even not! :rofl:


It’s curious to read “Disney Week” on the GOG page, while most of the screenshots shown are taken from games developed by Lucasfilm before Disney bought that company.


Jeez, why can’t they just give that game away for free? Seriously. And I (stupidly) have multiple copies of the physical game - I’m not saying that it’s not worth paying for, you know when it was launched, but selling it 18 years later? Just give the damn thing for free!


Here’s my copy:

I’m still somewhat tempted by GOG though. :stuck_out_tongue: