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The (adventure) games on sale thread


Having left the first Island, I have to say the 4th game is enjoyable, unlike the third one which really didn’t work for me.

The graphics of course is horrible, so much that it would be better as a text adventure. But I can get over it.

The puzzles seem good, the dialogs enjoyable. (the story is a pretext, as it was in the previous games and as should be :slight_smile: ).


After you’ve completed both Curse and Escape, I would like to hear what do you think of them. You’re the first person I hear speaking that way, maybe you’ve got something new and interesting to say :slight_smile:


Well , I have already completed Curse, twice. I found the puzzles to be bad. (except one, but by then I already didn’t trust the designers so I was already bruteforcing.) The hi-res graphics felt fake and took me out of the immersion. The dialogs in general felt forced, so even when that occasional good joke came, it fell flat for me.

In general Curse had good elements taken in isolation, but then it didn’t work for me as a whole.


That’s much how I felt about Curse as a kid, but the game has grown on me overtime. It didn’t fit the style of MI1 and 2 at all, really it would have been better if they’d simply made a pirate adventure with all new characters not make it the third instalment, and then no one would have been bothered by the new look and feel. You could still have Guybrush pop up somewhere as a cameo. I think the game’s design was really good though overall. Some really great characters!

Which puzzles did you find “bad”?


Detective Gallo (for one week):


Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest: Episode 1 is currently available for free on Steam.
I never heard of it before, though.


I decided to buy it (for the preservation of my physical copy) and I’m somewhat disappointed in that it exhibits the same video glitching issues as the old version.

That’s easily fixed with (the D3D stuff) but, um… well, I thought half the point in buying from GOG was not needing to do that.

Now the only question is if I can get a better resolution than 1600x1200 out of it.

(It runs just fine in 3840x2160 but then it’s stretched.)

I hear the PS2 version had higher poly-models here and there…

Edit: it occurs to me I should give it a go in ResidualVM.


That’s how I recently played my original Grim Fandango. Haven’t tried EMI that way though. Last time I played that was natively on Win98. And it was glitchy as hell. So the adventure game adagio “save often” holds here too (just for other reasons).


Really? I don’t recall anything particularly odd on Windows Me. But trying to play the game on Windows 10 without dgVoodoo2 (whether original or GOG) has weird remaining ghost texture and/or flickering glitches that can hardly be exclusive to my system (although possibly somehow exclusive to modern AMD).

Edit: and of course I’m completely overlooking the other obvious alternative: older games and programs almost always run better in Wine on Linux than they do in Windows.

You might counter that an emulator is even better, but I hardly have to bother with the annoyance of running Windows 10 if I can just run it in my XP VM.


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It isn’t point’n’click. It’s more of a platformer (although not a hardcore one).
Puzzle aren’t hard. There is a timed gameplay element.
BUT it has great atmosphere and I like that, so deal with it :slight_smile::

Candleman: The Complete Journey (on GOG)
It’s on sale till 2018-10-23 and was released a couple of days ago (original release was beginning of 2018 but non-DRM-free releases don’t count anyway).


Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption from the makers of Quest for Glory is currently on sale on GOG (-35%).

And if you are into puzzle games: Zach’s games are in the weekly GOG sale until 2018-10-29.


Thimbleweed Park, Kentucky Road Zero, Lamplight City and other games in the Humble Bundle “Very Positive Sale”:


I definitely recommend that one. One of the few games I played lately that made me feel good and heroic. It’s not without flaws, but ruining your mood is not amongst them :slight_smile:.

Just bought that on GOG (at full price) together with Thronebreaker.


Have you played Lamplight City already?


No. I’ll likely do so during my vacation in December.


I keep buying games I never have time to play :no_mouth:


We all are doing this. We all …


I don´t. When I spend my money I want damn well devour it, no matter what it is. I don´t have the spare money for stuff to just “lie around”.


Like Thimbleweed Park. I’ve bought it thrice, and have played it barely twice…