The best meal you've ever had

A mushroom pasta served in Mesa Verde National Park on our honeymoon. Best pasta meal I ever had.
Luckily, I’ve had lots of great meals before and after too (including pasta meals in actual Italy). But that one stuck out as both company and dish were top-notch.

Oh, and since you’re going to DLP: I have had wonderful Caesar Salad followed by Walt’s Burger with chili beans there at Walt’s with the entire family.

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Thanks, we’re going to Walt’s in a few days :slight_smile:


I followed your suggestion. Nice, but not my cup of tea. I had a better Caesar Salad at the Steakhouse in the Disney Village outside the park.

Speaking of burgers: if you’re a burger lover and you’re anywhere near Disneyland Paris, you HAVE to go to Annette’s in the Disney Village. This time I took the Annette’s mini incredible burger, because I had eaten enough for lunch and I didn’t want to exaggerate.

But in 2011 I took its older brother, the Annette’s maxi incredible burger. They give you a free milkshake if you manage to eat it all. This is me with it, seven years ago:

It’s not only big - it tastes wonderful. The meat, the sauces, the cheese - everything is perfectly balanced. And it was also surprisingly easy to digest, but maybe that’s due to the kilometers I walked during the day in the park.


The bun of the first one looks like the Signature Collection they have at McDonald´s now. I love that because they all have a very hot sauce on them and hot sauce is somewhat of a rarity at McDonald´s.

Why would you want a milkshake after that?! I like the thought of these challenges though – I’ve always wanted to do a steak one.

Did you finish it?

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Of course I did. And I drank my milkshake proudly.

I’ve always wanted to do a challenge too, but most of the ones you can find are usually really impossible. This one wasn’t a real challenge, I mean, it IS big, but not inhumanely big. It’s “just” 600g of meat, three pieces of bread, a bit of bacon, lettuce, cheese, sauces and a portion of fries. Nothing unreasonable like “1kg of meat, 200g of cheese, 200g of bread, 200g of bacon” as I saw on a pub in my hometown. The milkshake is there probably to mock you :stuck_out_tongue:

But, it must be said that I eat an awful lot more than one would expect by seeing my body shape…


Great crap! It probably would be, too.

I’m kind of like that, too. That’s why I want to make the most of it before that boomerang comes back :wink:

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You both don´t look like the heavy eaters you make yourselves out to be.

For me, that’s because 1) I do a lot of sports 2) I’m a (very) heavy eater only on particular occasions, like vacations, events and so on. At home, I don’t eat much. But invite me to an all you can eat pizza evening and I’m eating at least two pizzas.


I think I just have a fast metabolism or something. And I eat a really wide variety of things, which I think is actually more healthy than eating nothing but salad.

Yeah, onesided is worse no matter what it is.

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I don’t know how old you are, but watch out for the 30’s :stuck_out_tongue: they’re a nightmare for metabolism. A friend of mine who always ate like *beep* and was always skinny, suddenly got fat.

Oh, and pregnancy too. That is also problematic. For the father too (not kidding - I put on almost 10 kilos for my first daughter).

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I’m there, and I’m wary :wink:


It’s called “sympathy weight gain” and it’s quite common. It seems like it’s a mixture of eating more because the wife is eating more + slower metabolism due to hormonal changes after the woman you live with is pregnant.

As I said, I put on almost 10 kilos while my wife was pregnant. I got rid of them only a year after the second daughter was born. Another reason not to have a third child :smiley:

Oh I see! Wow, that’s interesting.

I read “I’m eating the last two pizzas” at first …
that would be me :slight_smile:

Those burgers look wonderful! I had a smaller one to go (with a milkshake) at Annette’s last month (the queue was huge), but seeing this… I will sneak back in late at night to get me a REAL burger next time… :drooling_face:

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or an odd number of children :laughing:

… and don’t forget sleep deprivation…

You know what I would like?

I would like to sit in a pub, with you all, and chatting and having a meal together, and some drinks. I don’t know if it would be the beast meal I’ve ever had, but I’m pretty sure it would be great.


Awwwww :slight_smile: This guy!


Can we please do that? As you can see Kate is already in “drunken buddy mode”. :grin: