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What's for dinner?

A Brit classic: toad in the hole.

And yes, that’s all for me.


Recipe! :slight_smile:

Coming up, once I’ve eaten it :smiley:

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Then: Guten Appetit! :slight_smile:

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You stuff a toad in a hole and then you eat it. Did you even pay attention?


And how do you make the hole?

Oh, look, a cat!


btw I have no idea why I quoted a random smiley there above.

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Ah, yeah! Luke is one of the greatest on earth. :wink:

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I was going to write it out but it’s basically this recipe. I did the same amount of batter but with two sausages. It’s nice with peas and mash :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like bratwurst to me.

That’s just the sausage part, right?

This is sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter. I love it. The eggier, the better :drooling_face:

Yeah, the bratwurst can be used for all kinds of things. Often with sauerkraut or in a roll with mustard.


I hoped this topic was for suggestions on what to eat. We never know what to eat for dinner, and we usually end up buying junk food.

Well it can be that as well :slightly_smiling_face: and maybe you’ll pick up some ideas from the dinners that people post.

How ‘junk’ are we talking? No judgement, just curious if you mean ready meals, or takeout, etc.

Next topic will be:

“So, what´s on the telly then?”

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The whole junk spectrum!

Usually if we resort to last minute meals it’s something unhealthy. We rarely have pre-cooked healthy stuff, and if I’m going to order delivery I’m not spending my money for things I could have done at home :stuck_out_tongue:

So, most of the time it’s burgers, kebab, pizza, sushi, whatever, and it’s usually in great quantities since the whole “I don’t know what to eat today” feeling is linked to a state of ennui and emptiness that can be replaced only by the feeling of post-binge eating shame.

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Hear hear! :smile:

That’s healthy …

… and that sometimes too. :wink:

Not in the quantity that satisfies me.

Please avoid any jokes about the user.

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