The Elder Scrolls Series

Indeed, the thing I liked most from Oblivion was some nasty, dark guild. They had more interesting quests than the main one. I’m sure Skyrim had something similar but at some point I asked myself why am I playing this game and couldn’t come up with a good answer, so I gave up on it. I just like good stories, rich world is not enough. I played Loom once decades ago and still remember what it’s about. Same thing Plane Scape Torment. Both of these are fantasy, so it can be done in such setting. I’ve surely spent more time with Elder Scrolls than with those two games and yet it’s all a blur to me. I can’t remember a single character.

I think some of the guild quests are super fun and the Vampire add-on Dawnguard is super cool.

But I can see way sou feel that way. The dungeons are often super repetative, pull chain, do that claw puzzle, do that whale, snake, eagle puzzle .get past the swinging blades, etc and especially the Dwemer Ruins are often overly long.

Also the thiefguild questline has one of the worst redundantly repetative quests I´ve ever seen in any game. That might have been the part I disliked about it the most by far.

I think the dungeons may be the weakest part. But try becoming a master thief for instance and it feels like you´re playing a wholly different game already.

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Yeah. Apparently the Dark Brotherhood or what have you is by far the best quest line. I always miss out on that stuff, as I tend to avoid playing evil characters. At least for Oblivion, there were some really great quest mods, though. Like Ruined Tail’s Tale or Tears of the Fiend.

It’s really the modding that makes the Elder Scrolls games so great. Incidently, due to the lack of fast, cheap internet back in the day, I never really tried any mods for Morrowind (besides the few initially released by Bethesda for free). I also totally missed the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions.

Oh, and speaking of Morrowind, OpenMW 0.45 was released today.

It is! Endless gold from assasinations and eventually your own torture chamber to level some damage/healing spells. :grin:

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Just came across that and only briefly skimmed over the text, but it’s basically a bunch of the original developers recounting anecdotes and behind the scenes stuff. Looks pretty interesting.

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The ashlands and the giant mushrooms just look cool. And also I´m convinced it´s really the Dark Elves that make some of those stories so intriguing. With their history of opression. I think I play one the next time. Maybe when ES6 comes out one day.