The Guild of Thieves Re-Release

This isn’t brand new, but you can now buy The Guild of Thieves as a remastered version for Winodws, macOS, Linux and Android on for a few bucks:

/edit: The “Game supplements” are on the official “The Guild of Thieves” page:


Nice! Thanks for the info. I’ll wait for the iOS version, as I did for The Pawn.

Hm… it seems that the game is already available for iOS:

As I haven’t an iOS device, I can’t check it. Can somebody confirm that is is available on iOS?

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Yes, I clicked your link and it’s available for $1.99

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It seems to be available for Android as well:

Interesting. I decided to start with the remake of The Pawn .

It seems to be playable mostly with the mouse. But not completely, AFAIU.

Both games are using the same engine, so TGOT should be playable with a mouse (or fingers on a smartphone) too.

You’re right! Nice! I’ll buy it immediately. Thanks!

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ahh i’d been waiting for this to come out on iOS. brilliant game… it was the game i got when i bought my Amiga 500 back in the day! look forward to playing it again!