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The "I can't sleep" thread


Then there has to be something else. :slight_smile: Noises in the garden? Edna calling? Blue crystals?


People react differently to caffeine; 6 hours is fully in the ballpark.


That’s right. :slight_smile:

I’ve read that 5 hours are the absolute maximum. But I’m not a doctor of course. :slight_smile:


Hmm… worries on work maybe.


Could it be that caffeine itself is out of the system, but starts processes and side effects that last even after caffeine is gone?

My wife is also pretty sensitive to coffee in the evening.


Maybe the coffee fluid has been processed by then but the effects of caffeine can last past that.



In the article it was said that the caffeine itself (not the fluid) has left your body after 5 hours. But I don’t know if the brain “keeps” the effect longer - as @Guga said.

Sometimes there is the placebo effect. But sure, some people are more sensitive about caffeine.


Caffeine does absolutly nothing for me. This summer I often got to bed again AFTER drinking coffee because the heat was kiling me. I also often drink coffe or coke in the evenings and it NEVER affects me.

Maybe I shouldn´t do it every morning but instead only when I need it that way my body might be less used to it? :man_shrugging:


Don’t worry, same here. :slight_smile:


I understand what you’re saying, but is that really the “conventional” definition? :slight_smile:

If I drink caffeine at 16 I might have some trouble sleeping properly at 22, which isn’t the case if I drink caffeine at 15. (By trouble I either mean falling asleep and waking up again or just plain not being able to sleep.)

Now technically I think the effect of the caffeine per se may have worn off by 21ish (the 5 hours you mentioned), so it’s probably more that I take an hour or two to get into the right mood to sleep.


It’s more “factual” than conventional, indeed. As a matter of fact, any gland whose secretion goes inside the bowel, is an exocrine gland, and not and endocrine gland.
But this definition is merely anatomical and physiological. Surgically speaking, anything inside the bowel is inside :blush:

But this is philosophy, I suppose