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The "I can't sleep" thread



Awake since 4am due to annoying mosquito, at 5.30 I got up and went for a walk. I put on my jogging shoes, but after a short while my knee began to hurt even if I wasn’t running. I changed shoes and everything went fine, a bit of unease maybe but no pain, so it’s definitely time I buy new shoes.

But I can’t go back home before 7 or I’ll wake my wife, so I’m still wandering.


It’s 3:15 a.m.
I closed my eyes at 1 a.m.
Drunk a coffee at 9 p.m. last night

Never, never drink coffee at night!!!

What can I do, now?
Should I call Edna for a good time?

I already tried to count the sheep steps from Venice central station to Rialto bridge, it didn’t work.


Maybe you want to go home first?


The caffeine remains four hours in your body (the maximum is five hours). After that it has left your body - assuming that you have visited your bathroom. :wink:

So, if you drink a coffee that late you should really think about calling Edna and party hard until 1 p.m. :wink: Instead you could jog around your house and make your body tired. That assures that you’ll fall asleep at 1 pm.


Something woke me up an hour ago and now my brain is keeping me awake, hurrumph :slightly_frowning_face:

And of course it’s the night before I have to get up quite early for something.

I hate that whenever this happens, any small stresses that don’t bother me as much in the daytime are suddenly magnified and I get deeper and deeper into it. On top of the stress that I was having a really nice sleep when I got woken up.

I should probably get up for a bit.


And? How was it going? What did you do?


I sat up for a bit then went back to bed and finally :zzz:


3 o’clock

Never drink a coffee on evening!


How about one or two pieces of Tiramisu then?


When did you drink it? After four or five hours there is no coffee in your body left.


Even if he didn´t :toilet: ?


Assuming that 4-5 hours is right (I don’t know that for sure), I can answer for sure to your last question: Yes, even if he didn’t pee.
The filtration happens in the kidneys, once in your bladder you can consider all the substances as gone yet.
I studied that many years ago, I hope I haven’t been inaccurate.


Actually makes sense that once it has left the relevant system and been transfered to another system (the digestive one in this case) that the effects wear off and you can consider it out of your system.

Oh, logic and I! :man_facepalming:


Ok… let me tell you this. Inside the bowel, or inside the bladder conventionally IS NOT inside your body. You can imagine the body as a toroid: it has a trespassing hole. Mouth on top, anus on bottom. The inside of the hole is actually part of the outside world, while everything which is within the toroid volume is considered inside the body. I hope I made myself clear, it’s quite convoluted.

Ok, you take food, or caffeine, or alcohol, or drugs. They are in your digestive system, but OUTSIDE your body.
Then you absorb substances, which pass INTO your body. After a long series of modifications, they arrive to the kidneys. The kidneys make the opposite passage, and filtrate these substances back towards the OUTSIDE, which is the bladder. While the walls of the bladdere are INSIDE our body, the lumen of the bladder is OUTSIDE it, since the bladder is like an introflection of the external world…

Ok, after the retrogaming thing this is the second :exploding_head: in minutes.


Do they still have that human body you can walk around in at Gardaland? Maybe I should check that out, should I ever get back there!


I think they removed it, but I might be wrong. Ok, I have thought another way to describe it, veeeeery schematically, so don’t take it too literally.

Food is in the bowels, OUTSIDE the body.
Good substances are filtered INSIDE by the bowels. The remnants (which remain OUTSIDE) are the faeces. Good substances wander into the body and do what they are supposed to do. They get chemically modified in various reactions, and after that there are other remnants which are taken to the kidney and filtered OUTSIDE again.

That’s it. You don’t need to go to Gardaland anymore.



Did I just get Docsplained? :thinking:


Maybe. I don’t know, I’m afraid I’m used to that, since it’s part of my job! :sweat_smile:

(except I usually don’t talk about bowels and kidneys…)


I drunk coffee at 9 pm… so 6 hours before.