Strange things while googling

WOW, never thought that Herman was so… * BEEP * !!!

(P.S.: the image is NOT ALTERED, except for the red question and exclamation marks. You can try by yourself!)

Thanks to the italian group “Spegni il computer e vai a dormire” for the heads up.


Nothing is immune to Rule 34 apparently.

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“If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.” :slight_smile:

What a sad thing. :disappointed:

I’ve sent a feedback to Google, using the option “Send feedback” at the bottom of those search results.

Maybe if enough people do that, Google will notice the issue.

(I’m also a bit sad about the fact that almost all characters are depicted with a modern graphic style, but that’s just me)


Oh thanks a lot, now I can´t get the words “Maniac Mansion Tentacle Hentai” out of my head, and I don´t even need to google for the nightmares.

Was this done with safe search on or off? Because if it was off, they probably won´t do anything about it.

In this case, you get the same results regardless of Safe Search.

Still don´t think they´d bother anyway. Especially considering it´s fairly tame, compared to what is surely out there.

That’s very probable. I want to try anyway.

Actually that picture was taken from the script of Monkey 3a when Ron’s computer was hacked.

If Disney sells him the rights to Monkey Island, that’s the game he’s going to make.

ON, normal search. Well, there is nothing explicit of course, but… well… it’s kind of inappropriate, IMHO!

Well… Since the concept is somewhat being thrown around…

If you had to pick 2 characters from the Monkey Island games to star in a full length adult film, which two would you pick, and why are they Elaine Marley and Captain Kate Capsize?

Guybrush and Elaine: Monkey’ing around
The whole plot of the movie is 2 hours of Guybrush doing puzzles in order to acquire whipped cream

Has Captain Kate Capsize something to do with Steven Spielberg’s wife, Kate Capshow, AKA the “bug screaming” lady of Dr, Jones?

Yes, she was an inspiration.

Oh, this is the previous model without hands.

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Well…Herman didnt have a woman for a loooooooong time… and Elaine is hot… so, no surprise :blush: