The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk

Hi there…

I just wanted to make this recommendation. I’m playing this PNC Adventure and I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me a little of Gobliiins and Machinarium…

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Uuuu looks like I will like it a lot.

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I recommend to play the first part first. :slight_smile:


That one’s on my list. I also did play the first part when it came out. I hope I can pick up a physical copy, though!

Sadly… the first part it´s not translated into Spanish :sleepy:

Hm… In this video:

the hero speaks … Spanish? (The first minutes and the voice overs are in English.)

@Someone It seems that there is an unofficial translation into Spanish ( a patch ).

Ah, Ok, Thanks!

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I actually had to have them order it, as it never manifested by itself where I usually buy my games. When I went to pick it up last Saturday, I’ve noticed that they actually got an extra copy.

Been playing for a bit and it’s actually pretty decent. The first part turned out less humorous than I had expected, but this one already made me laugh a number of times :smile: .

The box comes with an (extra) Steam key, but as far as I can tell, the game on DVD is DRM free (only installed the Linux version, but I’d assume it’s the same with Mac and Windows too). There’s some stickers in the box, but nothing else; though for €24.99 (about the same as a digital copy on GOG) there isn’t much to expect.

I wouldn’t say the series is amongst my favourites (its backstory of oppression and fanaticism is somewhat in conflict with the comedic presentation), but it’s as classic as P&C adventures get these days, and overall it’s executed pretty well.ä