Curse and Maniac Mansion come to GOG! Sweet!



But sadly only the English versions …

/edit: And they scanned the hint book with the read characters …

Finally! While MM has been part of DotT Remastered, CoMI has totally been abandonware, AFAIK.

Maybe the translated versions will follow soon.

I don’t think so. Zak is also only available in English. That’s not a big problem with Maniac Mansion, but Curse had a very good German voice over.

That’s true, both the English and German voice-actings are fine. Though, the actual shame is that those people who don’t speak English cannot play these games at all (except they learn English by playing them). It seems a bit anachronistical. In the Simon re-release, for one, they even added Russian.

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FYI: Maniac Mansion includes the original and the enhanced version for DOS (V1 and V2).


It’s really a shame all those Lucasarts releases are English only. Of course I don’t expect them to do new voice overs in MI1&2 but they still should have really included the other languages.

It’s probably to much work and too less benefit (since it’s only useful for a small set of people). Also there may be licensing issues especially with voice recordings AND you have to find all this stuff after all those years…


Depends on the game. :slight_smile: If we talk about a game like Maniac Mansion they just have to add the localized versions to the ScummVM archive. And it’s very easy to get those localized versions. :slight_smile: So it wouldn’t be much more work.

That’s the main problem I think. Most German voice overs were made by German publishers - and they hold the rights on that translation. For example you can’t buy the German version of “Tales of Monkey Island” even on the Telltale website.

Also the german language version needs to have the USK rating on it.

But that’s valid for all versions you are going to sell in Germany.

That´s true. Also every game that gets re-released has to be newly rated after some time has elapsed(of it it´s not obviously exactly the same on first glance, like a remaster) and that´s also extra costs.

Another problem is when you make a new release (remaster, SE, …) is that those translations in those old games were all separate versions.

So you either have to implement a language changing feature in the game or you also have to make separate versions again but including those “enhanced” features (like new UI). And you have to test all those variants…

Would it be hard to contact gog customer support and ask is there going to be other language releases for “Curse”?

Like it couldn’t be that hard get the german disk and give them the files =)

I know there is possible red tape regarding “licensing etc” but has anyone contacted them and asked?

Indeed. But Gog has a system/workflow for this. For example Syberia is available in German as a separate download.

No, AFAIR there is even a corresponding section in the GOG forum for such wishes. And you can even send your (localized) version to them - but don’t ask me where and how. :slight_smile:

I guess that we would have to ask the publisher LucasArts / Disney, rather than GOG.

Why? Gog has obviously the rights to sell these games and (if necessary) they can sign an additional agreement with Disney.

After all, Disney decides what they sell and what they don’t sell. GOG would sell anything if they could.

Nope. They have refused several games in the past.

I doubt that they would refuse localized contents in games they already sell.

As I said: Ask Gog and point them to the games. :wink: If they have the rights from Disney, they could easily add the localized versions.

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