The official Lord Of The Rings Thread

Me too! At least one can finish LoTR in a lifetime (including the author :smirk: )

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This is the map that is included in my new single volume edition.

Actually I still haven’t read any of the books post 8 or 9 or something. (I read it up to whatever was out by '03ish, give or take the one that came out that year.)

But I think I’d rather read some of those Dune prequels, at least in theory… the only problem being I don’t really like Kevin J. Anderson’s writing.

I also haven’t read the Clan of the Cave Bear beyond what was out by '02ish.

I did read all of the Anne Rice Vampire novels; I went through the last half dozen or whatever (Memnoch and up) a couple of years ago. But I guess I just got bored with that series in Body Thief, 'cause I don’t think I even read those books until '04/'05ish.

:warning: this route has trolls”
“show orcs” :joy:

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In what language are those on the right (with Gandalf)?

It’s drawn out way too much. Though I really liked it at the beginning, and I have re-read the early books nearly as often as LoTR (in both German and English). Book 9 or 10 came out while I was in the States, so I started collecting the U.S. hardcovers (and stopped buying the German edition). If I were you, I would not read the last books. IMO, Sanderson didn’t do a good job (though who would have?), and the focus of the books shifted away from characters to technicalities and action (guess at least the latter was unavoidable if he’d ever want to bring the series to an end).

That’s the great thing about LoTR: epic fantasy that fits into a single book (albeit a big one).


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I think I read up until book 9 too (like 7000 out of the over 11000 pages)
The problem is it’s been quite some years, so for sure I can’t remember which of the Foresaken disguises him/herself as another character
I do remember thinking books 3 - 7 being particularly long-winded and boring. So if I ever am going to re-read/finish the series, I might resort to reading the synopsys of books 2-8 or so.

나는 그렇게 생각했다.

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Well, one reason for re-reading the early books so often was to refresh my memory about what had happened so far whenever a new one was released :slight_smile:. Since then I am cautious whenever I see books titled “volume 1 of such or such series”.

The “good” thing about re-reading the early books was that by the 3rd or 4th time, I had changed my opinions of lots of the characters, and I would see the actions of those I had originally disliked with different eyes. But I doubt I could ever read the whole series from start to finish … though I’m mildly curious about the planned TV adaptation, if that ever comes to fruition.

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Lord Of The Rings wasn´t even planned as a trilogy. They just split the book in three parts because paper was expensive in post war england and the publisher couldn´t have sold a 1000+ page single volume version at a reasonable price.

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Robert Jordan tricked us! When the first book was published, I though “OK, first in a series. like a trilogy. or perhaps 4 books.” I also remember reading an interview at the time of the 6th book or in which he said he would need another 2 or 3 books to finish the story.

cashing in on the GOT thing… well I know WAY better fantasy books to make a movie or series out of - but I am keeping a tight lip as I don’t want them to get the visual treatment like the others did. It does impact the image you have of a book and its characters.

On WoT, I did finish the game though!

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technically it’s even 6 books (each part of the trilogy has 2, and every book starts at chapter 1)

also paperback isn’t feasible with that amount of pages (See also To Green Angel Tower in that regard)

Yeah they are even numbered from 1 - 6 and don´t have titles. The titles of the “trilogy” aren´t even by the author. And he didn´t like them very much. He thought The Two Towers was too vague and consiered The Return Of The King too much of a spoiler even.

Wasn’t that more of a shooter or 1st person action-type thing?

Yeah, probably it will not come out as I’d like it to be anyway. It would need to be given the LoTR treatment to be any good, but that kind of budget (and time) seems unreasonable to spend for a series.

My 1137 page paperback edition likes to disagree.

치킨 사워

yeah; fps using the unreal engine. Not that bad actually.

of which book?
TGAT is 2x 800 pages in paperback and at over 520k words one of the longest novels ever written. (thanks Google) while the hardcover edition is only 1100 pages.

LoTR. ISBN 0 261 10325 3. Despite the page count, print is pretty small too.

Yeah, that is my version as well. Despite this seeming excessive the longest chapter is Elrond´s Council with just over 30 pages. The standard chapter lenght is around 20 pages which makes it more readable than most longer books. I can´t stand books that have 70 - 80 plus page chapters.

It took me a few seconds, but that jogged a memory of reading a review about it in Power Unlimited.

My Chaucer paperback could easily hold LotR, but the three paperbacks I read were definitely easier to wield…

Speaking of which, watched the first interview with Tad Williams a couple days ago, and find him to be quite likeable.

As I wrote in some other book-related thread, I best like his Shadowmarch quadrilogy, but I also read the Osten Ard stuff (twice) and Otherland.

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What kind of name does she have? Sounds elvish in itself a bit. :slight_smile: