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Btw @PiecesOfKate the Euro-English way of saying sparkling water is something closer to “water with gas.” In southern Europe maybe even replace water with aqua.

I thought it was “sparkling”?



In Germany we have the term “Rülpswasser”. And I am surprised that has a translation for that: “gassy stuff”…

(Disclaimer: Don’t try to order “Rülpswasser” in a fine restaurant…)

That’s called I typed this on my laptop, not my proper mechanical keyboard that’s sure to register every keystroke, :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like every year I´m off to austria from late may to early june.


This isn’t a very exciting story. :slight_smile: A friend of our family told us that the hotel was cheap and good. Well, at least it was quite. :slight_smile: From my room I had a perfect view over the local cemetery. Our friend hadn’t told us that the hotel was build next to cemetery (or the cemetery next to the hotel…). Under my window was even a grave. If I had to jump out of the window in case of a fire, I would have been landed right on this grave. In addition it was hot and the windows were to the sunny side. My room was an oven. It was one of the worst holidays ever. :slight_smile:

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Why only this country?

It was supposed to be nicer but the temperature appears to have dropped, hurrumph. I’ll probably still venture to the beach regardless. We’re used to going in a gale :wink:

Yeah that is true. I’ve intentionally not read too much about Pompeii for that reason :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. Though luckily I don’t like sparkling water. How do you say ‘Fanta’? :wink:

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I really want to go skiing in Austria. It’s perfect for Brits - close and cheap. And lovely scenery as you’ve demonstrated. :skier:

Dug in advance for the hotel guest that would inevitably fall out of the window :grimacing:


Hang on, that doesn’t look like Fanta… I’ve been conned.


I thought the same: All guests who haven’t survived the breakfast were just thrown out of the window of the breakfast room…

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Because since my uncle´s mother died her freehold flat there is empty for most of the year.
So: free accomodation!

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For all TWP forum members! Yeah! Thanks for the invitation! But that wasn’t necessary…

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The flat is a bit too small for that.

For some reason everyone I tell about this, they instantly imagine a giant log cabin in the mountains, which couldn´t be further from the truth.

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“Orange juice.”

(Seriously, they seem to think it means some kind of sweetened orange drink, at least at both Alitalia and multiple hotels. That being said, it’s not sparkling.)

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Isn’t Orangina very popular in Italy?

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I don’t recall tasting grapefruit or lemon in these homemade orangeades they offered at hotels but it might be related.

Oooooh I love Orangina. My aunt and uncle (posh) used to buy crates of those funky bottles every summer.

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