Vacation time for TWP team. Suggestions?

Sooner or later, Ron, Gary, David will take a good vacation time. They deserve it, don’t you agree?
Let’s use this topic to give them interesting places to visit, over the world.

We could start with some places we know very well, because we are living there, or places we had already visited and marked our lives.

I live in Italy, and I can suggest to visit:

  • Venice (before it’s too late…)
  • Naples / Sicily (for a good sea time)
  • Gardaland (for amusement time)
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Sardinia. But only in August, so I can meet them :smiley:

Anyway, that’s a suggestion for everyone - if you’re looking for fine beaches and wonderful weather, Sardinia should be your choice :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know, David likes to hike. Hence the Way of St. James could be interesting for him.

Bermuda triangle. Swimming with dolphins has therapeutic effects.

Melee Island, somewhere in the Caribbean Sea…

No! They could disappear and never come back!

Unless they discover a portal for a parallel dimension there, but no one ever found the way back…
Hey, that could be a job for Jason and “Boombox”! Rescue the devs!

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Isla Mujeres eyebrow waggle

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Monkey Island (Post must be at least 20 characters).

@RonGilbert and @jenn :
During your Germany trip, between January and February 2017, did you get the chance to visit the most intriguing and fascinating Monkey-Island-related town?

If yes, do you mind to share a picture on this forum? :delores:

This is a promo video for Naples, Italy (@Gffp did you see it?)
It seems a promo video for Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, it features blood stains in the kitchen and a dangerous Nurse Edna, as well as a young Guybrush with Elaine.
Please take a look:

Oh, I haven’t seen this video before… it’s nice :yum:
It’s true, as the video said… Naples has magic, black magic! “Driving in Naples” is some of the occult arts you could learn sitting by madame Morena!!! But interestingly enough, there’s a low rate of casualties on the roads… Ehehe

Anyway there’s a complex system of criminality, most of which you’ll never see when visiting the city, or also living in it. But it’s way far from being one of the ten most dangerous cities of the world, and of Europe too. Every big city has areas where crime happens. But in the last ten years huge efforts have been done, not only in struggling crime, but also in narrating it, to make the larger audience possible aware of that system of criminality, which is known here exactly with the term “the system”. One of the most known writer is Saviano, whose books have had a great success, mostly because he’s great in reading all the signs of criminality in a territory from the single crime to the great enquiries of the justice, so journalists with a little effort reading his books have a map to read the criminality here and to talk about that.

But if you get serious and read statistics, about Naples and all other cities in the world, then you’ll never put Naples in that place.
It’s a very peculiar city, many times it evades the common sense. But there are many good energies and some very beautiful places. Massimo Cacciari, a philosopher and politic from Venice, once defined it as the porous city, probably referring also to the way it absorb you.

You know the saying: “live in Naples and then die”. In a range from 1 to 100, how much truth there is in it?

There is no such saying…
You probably mean: “See Naples, and then die” :grin:
Which means that one of the things to do before dying is to see that territory.
That said, in a range from 1 to 100, if you live in Italy, it’s 100.
If you live in Europe, 70.
If you live in the rest of the world, 50.
For the Monkey Island fans, I would suggest also a trip to Ischia, one of the three islands of the Gulf of Naples (probably the most known is Capri). As I told in a comment of the blog, it’s ancient name, Pithekoussai, means Monkey Island, it has a small village with dock with some piratesque places, and a vulcanic activity which makes boiling water erupt from earth surface like there were rivers of lava beneath… (also the preferred summer vacation place of Angela Merkel eheheh)


Flathead lake in Montana

Or this place

Are you Bear Grylls or Indiana Jones? :open_mouth:

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@ZakPhoenixMcKracken you managed to name both my hero’s