Thimbleweed Forum live casual meetings

Hi, everybody.
I’d like to create a place where to keep announcements to encourage live meetings among the subscribers.
Are you travelling for job for some days, say, in Munich and you’d be pleased to join a TWP forum member who lives there for a nice beer? Ok, this is the place to let the community know you’ll be there!

Or maybe you want to let your friends know that if they are passing by your home town, you 'll be glad to meet 'em…

But please, write only announcements here!
Use private messagess for replies, for a matter of safety and privacy.

I’ll start with my own announcement: if anybody is passing by Milan, Italy, just chime in.
I’m a big connoisseur of the places for having good food and wine tasting experiences, and of the magical little places of the town unknown to tourists.
Or, if there’s not time, maybe just a quick aperitivo on the canals…

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I´ll be waving! :wave:


Just hope everything goes fine, and we can do a nice TWP gathering, at least me, you and @ZakPhoenixMcKracken :smiley: I’m hoping to move to Ticino soon


Heading to Corpus Christi the end of October. It will be my first trip down there

Hope you’ll still find the town, in October. :confused:
It seems that region has been heavily flooded :frowning:

@Ema I’m traveling down there with my wife. She’s attending a conference for vocational rehab. It’s going to be interesting to see the impact. I was in Biloxi a year ago and could still see parts of the town still scared from hurricane Katrina. I’m glad the conference will be there. I’m sure this event will help this community rebuild.:sunny:

I’m currently at Cheese 2017 (link )

I’m eating a Gorgonzola Ice Cream right now… :scream:


This threads title makes me think that maybe we should rename ourselves the Tinderweed Park Forums…


Really could´ve known a thing like this exists…

So I suggest maybe Tindergeek™…

That´s good! Most of us are and we certainly all found people to talk to.

WHAT??!! You can’t mix Gorgonzola in that way! It’s a sacrilege!!
(Does it stink?)

Why should Gorgonzola start stinking if you make ice cream out of it? This doesn’t make any sense!

It doesn’t. It isn’t bad, but obviously if you eat only that taste, it is quite strong and can get you bored. I tried it with a pear ice cream, which matches good. Well, that’s not something you’d like as a dessert afetr every meal, but it is definitely worth a try.

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I really don’t know, I usually eat Gorgonzola with hot polenta.

I think he meant:

  • gorgonzola stinks
  • ice cream has a mellow and sweet taste, with a subtle aroma

----> does gorgonzola ice cream stink?

You’ll admit that’s quite a strange flavor for an ice cream, I wanted to try it because I couldn’t figure out its taste just imagining it.

Anyway, in this little and beautiful town, when there’s this huge international cheese fair, local ice cream makers produce ice creams in fifferent cheese flavors to match the theme… :blush:


It stinks good! :smiley:

Btw: we have a very good cheese, named “puzzone di Moena”, which literally means “Stinky from Moena”